Just came across an interesting article in the Washington Post, How to pick useful health apps for mobile devices. (July 17.... Yes, I am a little behind in my reading).  Looking forward to seeing if any of you agree...and if you can suggest other good ones......

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One of my favorite apps is FitnessPals. Like some of the other weight loss tools like LoseIt, Fitness Pals helps you keep track of your food (you can set it up to count calories or carbs or fat or all of the above). What sets it apart from the others is you can invite your real friends to share your weight loss challenge and support each other.

HealthyWomen.org has an App. It's called My Record Keeper and it lets you keep all of your doctors' contact info, appointments, etc. It will also tell you the recommended tests and screenings for your age and gender and let you track them. Also tracks vaccines, which is timely if you read about the rise in whooping cough due to the vaccine wearing off and adults not getting the booster. The single user version is free in the iTunes stor. The multi-user which lets you track multiple family members vaccines is $1.99. Here's more info:


If you need to also track the nutrition content of the food you eat try using Careot, a unique nutrition tracker that offers numerous features to help

you eat right and stay healthy. Careot is a free mobile phone app, available for iPhone and Android phones, designed to track and manage your nutrition, meals, calories and weight to improve health.


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