Why  is it so hard to lose weight? Sometimes I feel so lazy and don't want to exercise. I am trying to motivate myself, I am trying really hard. How do you do it? Anyone has suggestions...... I try to exercise a lil bit at a time.....

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First of all be motivated.

You can lose weight by following good diet and exercise. If you feel lazy join a gym along with your buddy, so that you feel some competition to lose weight.

I personally feel like losing weight has more to do with diet than exercise. Weight loss can be chalked up to a number of factors, including genetics and calories in vs. calories burned, but if you reduce your calories smartly, then you should lose weight. One problem I've seen with solely focusing on exercise is that you may end up eating more to compensate for your increased activity levels. 

Use exercise to tone your muscles but focus on diet if you want to lose weight. I would suggest incorporating a lot of fruits and vegetables into your daily routine, which are especially great as snacks.

Why not get a fat burner to help you out? Normally it will make use of your body fat and convert it into energy for you. In this will you will reduce weight, have more energy to perform more exercises which ends up losing more weight.

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