I just started menopause last year and have noticed in the last 6 months a loss of hair, just need to know if there is something I can do to help stop the loss.

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Hi, :)
I hope this link from the web site EverydayHealth.com will help you to understand the changes your body is going
through during menopause ... It can be one "HELLISH" time. Takes approximately ten years to go through the entire menopause process.
I had terrible hot flashes, night sweating, painful breasts, I felt sluggish, and just plain out of sorts all over ... For years ...
However, I had a total abdominal hysterectomy and I consider it ... One of the best days of my life !
As I also had constant menstruation also ...
Also you may be interested in joining our group -
Women in their 60s or older. Even if you are not at that age yet ... Please join us ?
The more the merrier, eleganti :)

Some hair loss is a natural part of aging, and there may not be much you can do. But sometimes a new haircut will work wonders for how your hair looks as it's changing. Talk to your stylist and see if he or she has any suggestions. There may also be products that will make your hair look a little fuller or thicker, but I think a new cut is probably your best bet. You also should ask your doctor about your hair loss. I'm not a health care professional, but I believe there are products that are FDA-approved to treat hair loss in women, as well as men. Some quick Internet research shows that a topical 2 percent minoxidil solution (such as Rogaine) applied twice a day helps treat hair loss due to the hormonal changes of aging. Studies show it increases “minimal” hair growth in 50 percent of women and “moderate” hair growth in 13 percent. Doctors also sometimes prescribe a 5 percent solution "off-label," but that hasn't been approved for women. You should also ask your doctor if any of your medications or stress may be accelerating your hair loss. Your hair loss may be related to menopause ... or something else. Good luck!

Numerous women experience the ill effects of hair loss when experiencing the menopause. The hormones estrogen and testosterone have the most imperative impact on hair development. Throughout the menopause, levels of estrogen decline. This hormone is essential for advancing hair development. There are certain foods which can enhance the nature of your hair. Protein and iron rich foods are useful for fortifying your hair. Vitamin C, found in citrus and other foods grown from the ground, is additionally helpful, not slightest for helping you to ingest iron into your circulatory system. Keep anxiety to a base. This will likewise help you rest well during the night, diminishing an alternate element which may make you lose your hair.


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