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Dr. Stephen Cohen graduated with clinical honors from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 1985. He is in private practice in Scottsdale Arizona, and is married with three children. Dr. Cohen is a past-president of the Arizona Optometric Association (AzOA), and currently serves as co-chair of the legislative committee. He is also a founding board member of the “Arizona Optometric Charitable Foundation,” the philanthropic arm of the AzOA. In 2003, he received the VSP “People First” Award for the Mountain West States, recognizing his contribution to his profession, his patients, and his community. In 2005, he was chosen as the recipient of the “Arizona Optometrist of the Year Award” by the Arizona Optometric Association, and the following year, he received the similar honor for the eleven western US states (Great Western Council of Optometry). Also in 2006, Dr. Cohen was named “Father of the Year” by the Arizona Diabetes Association and the Father’s Day Council. He is also a past-president of both the Scottsdale-North Rotary Club, and the Desert Foothills Community Theater (where he had lead roles and award winning roles in over a dozen theater productions, including “The Odd Couple,” “Same Time, Next Year,” “The King and I,” and “Dial ‘M’ for Murder”).

Dr. Stephen Cohen is a paid adviser for VISTAKON® Division Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Read more.

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