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Katie Madden teaches new mothers to breastfeed with confidence so they can enjoy their nursing relationship without pain, exhaustion or fear.

Katie has practiced as a Registered Nurse since 2004 and has always worked with new moms and their babies. In 2009 she was certified as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Katie has provided private consultations at The Birth Center in Wilmington, Delaware since she was certified and has helped over 500 women nurse their babies successfully. She also teaches a number of breastfeeding classes and support groups.

Katie started her own business, Growing with the Flow, LLC as a complement to the one-on-one consulting work she does. Katie saw a need for a different, more holistic approach to breastfeeding at every stage. She developed a number of online learning programs to support a breastfeeding mother's journey every step of the way.

Katie says "If a woman doesn’t have the opportunity to experience giving of her body to nourish her baby, she is missing out on one of the first major milestones in becoming a mother. Whether she is able to exclusively breastfeed or she hybrid feeds, whether she pumps and bottlefeeds or weans from breastfeeding entirely, she has let herself live that experience. THAT is what Growing with the Flow means. From the first day our milk begins to flow to the last drop that falls from our breasts, we grow as mothers."

Breastfeeding isn’t just two boobs and a baby. It is about nourishing a baby and growing a mother in mind, body, boobies and heart.

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