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Milk and Nookie: Breastfeeding and Sex

You might not be enjoying breastfeeding because you and your partner aren’t connecting. Perhaps one or both of you think that is because of breastfeeding.

I wanted this blog post to be about your partner. I want to give you some really deep insights about how your partner’s support or lack of support can really affect your level of breastfeeding enjoyment.

But, I can’t.  Why? Because I don’t know anything about daddies.  I talk to mamas all the time about their feelings, their…


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Night Sweats, What Can I Do To Stop Them?

What are Night Sweats?

Well …

Imagine coming out of a deep sleep, instantly, feeling as if your whole body is on fire, then followed by sweating and the intense urge to peel off all your clothing and throw your bed linen to the side. Once the night sweat has passed you start to feel chilled and you want to pull everything back on again. This scenario can and will be played out over and over again night after night until you begin to wonder why you even bother to go…


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How To Lift Correctly And Avoid Back Injuries

Worldwide, back pain is a huge problem that does not get the attention it deserves. Caused by many different, sometimes unrelated situations and conditions and affecting each victim uniquely, to say back pain and complications arising from it constitutes a huge nuisance is a huge understatement – this is a health emergency that is further strengthened by the manner in which it is ignored.…


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The Ins and Outs of Bottle Feeding

There is no way to prepare how you are going to feed you baby until they come into the world. Many mums opt to breastfeed but due to certain factors mums may need to opt for bottle-feeding. Breast-feeding can be a difficult task and may be succumbed due to not enough milk or your baby not latching on as well as they should. This will result in a change of feeding options from breast-feeding to bottle-feeding. However do not be disheartened if this happens to you as baby formula and bottles…


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Vietnam – Why You Must Go

When mostly people think of Vietnam they think of the horrifying Vietnam War that waged between the United States and Vietnam, which lasted between year 1955 till year 1975 with United States involvement trying to prevent the ‘domino effect’ through the spread of Communism in the SE Asia.

hqdefault.jpg (480×360)

In the present times, much of Vietnam is marked by War; however the Vietnamese use this aspect for their own advantage. Much like the trenches in France, Normandy, tourists enjoy…


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OMG! My Hair Dryer Has Broken Down ! What Am I Gonna Do?

Since you’re reading this, then maybe it has happened to you or are afraid this might happen to you soon! You get up in the morning, check your watch and realize you just have time to have a shower, blow-dry your hair and dash to work. But to your surprise, your blow dryer won’t start and you don’t have enough time to…


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Demand, Then Supply (a.k.a. Use It or Lose It)

So, here’s how milk-making boobs work:

Your body starts making colostrum in the last few months of pregnancy.  It is sitting there, ready to go, just waiting for baby to be born.

Your baby eats colostrum for the first three days or so. Colostrum is small in quantity, thick ,and super duper nutritious and usually all baby needs for the first three days.

Your baby will nurse a lot for the first few days, not just because she is eating all that thick colostrum…


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The Array Of Advantages Of The Quality Printing Papers Select The Applicable Quality

There are various kinds of developments that have been made in the world of printing. Starting for the popular types of the printers, laser printers are new in the market and they are being used by many of the businesses and offices throughout the world. The laser technology is being used in these printers which transfer the image or data to the page through laser.A laser printer is one of the fastest printers, but on the other hand it is very expensive. The inkjet printers are also a good…


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How To Blogging For Business Marketing

Blogs are getting increasingly popular these days. No matter whether it is a fashion blog or a business blog, every blog owner is getting lots of benefits by running a successful one. Along with lots of other benefits, blogs offer a tremendous list of advantages to the businesses as well.…


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How to Get Rid of Diarrhea Fast Without Medicine

Diarrhea is very dangerous diseases which can lead you to the half death within just a day as the disease dehydrate your body severely. So, when you discover diarrhea with you, you need to take effective or curing measures as soon as possible. It may happen that, you have no medicine to you at that time, or the clinic is so far from your hose. In that case, you need to use the home remedies which can give you satisfactory results against this disease. Let’s take a short look what…


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Top 10 Valentine Day’s Gifts To Choose From

For romantics it is one of the most wonderful days of the year for singles a real curse, but deep Valentine has always been and remains an outstanding date in the calendar.

On February 14 the love is above everything, but fantasy has its leading role. It is essential to distinguish choosing witty,…


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How to Get your Baby Acquainted to Breast Feeding

Breastfeed milk, according to experts, is the most nutritious milk among all kinds of milk. It is the natural milk that comes from the mother that contains elements that could strengthen the newborn’s immune system. This is why breastfeeding nowadays is being promoted by medical experts for the babies’ sake.

CS65791872-1.jpg (1200×630)

However, not all mothers experience convenience in introducing breastfeeding to their newborns. Some would even have to undergo…


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Easy guide to Smooth Skin

February is almost at its end, but it feels like winter is never going to end. Just as much as we miss the sun, the light rain and the smell of clean spring air, we also miss not having dry skin due to all this cold. Even though women try to be careful and take extra care of their skin during winter, it might be a good idea to change your daily routine and add a thing or two just to be sure your skin will stay smooth and will glow in the spring…


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Importance of physiotherapy for older people to maintain their quality of life in their own home

Independence is something that we all seek. The ability to live on your own, take care of yourself and feel normal is something, which every generation works towards. As the population ages, it is even more important to take care of your body so that you can live at home. For this reason we are seeing an emphasis being placed on the importance of physiotherapy for older people to maintain their quality of life in their own home. 

New Trends for People Over…


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How to Reduce Pain During Periods?

More than 15 percent of women suffer from pain during periods. You may be one of them and if you are also suffering from pain during your periods, then you need not to worry about that! Pain during periods is very normal, however; if you are suffering from severe pain, then you need to consider seeing your personal doctor just to make it sure that your pain is not related to something very serious as like as…


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Hair loss - Causes and treatments

Hair loss affects countless people (both men and women) across the world. Excessive hair loss can have many negative emotional consequences and affect the confidence and morale of a person. In extreme cases it can even make people avoid social situations. One of the main causes of hair…


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Vitamins and Supplements: Is Effectiveness a Myth?

Science and medicine have made great strides in recent years, and the prevention of certain diseases is now easier than ever before. The vitamin and supplement industry is huge right now, producing roughly $22 billion per year. The reason is perhaps because the public and some medical minds think that adding these supplements to your daily routine will help balance your diet and obtain needed nutrients that you are not getting through your daily foods. If you are considering starting a…


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You Can't Control Breastfeeding

Intention. Attention. No Tension.

This concept is borrowed from Happy for No Reason  by Marci Shimoff.

This applies to anything and everything, but here we are going to apply it to breastfeeding (because, you know, that is all I tend to talk about).


Set an intention, also known as a goal. Make this mean something to you.

In my course “The Secrets of Breastfeeding Success”  I ask you to set a clear goal and identify three to…


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How To Feel Great In Your Body

Losing weight has been and continues to be one of the hottest topics among women and men. How to keep fit, how to lose those annoying 5-10 pounds, how to get your pre-baby figure back? I won't even pretend I have answers to all these questions. Ever since I married, I myself am struggling with my "happy fat". This is how I call the 10 pounds I gained. I am not heavy, fat, or plump - I just want to be able to wear my old pants again and feel comfortable in them!

If you feel the same -…


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Natural treatments to battle asthma

Asthma is a disease that can be a minor annoyance to some. For a significant part of the sufferers of the disease though, it can prove to be life threatening. Medication is almost always recommended by doctors to prevent the attacks from ever occurring, while they also plan for emergencies by providing medication that can provide instant relief to sufferers. Luckily, the influx of Indian online pharmacies means that sufferers no longer have to live in fear of not getting their asthma inhaler…


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