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Sailing Away

A few days ago, my hubby surprised me with a lil romantic getaway to the beach. Today, he surprised me with a private sailing trip, on an actual sailboat!

Why is this worth a blog post? Because a little over a year ago, at our heaviest weights, this is something we would have NEVER done. My hubby has always wanted to sail, but being so overweight, he wouldn't even consider it. Today, I watched with such love and admiration as he easily maneuvered around the sailboat. We BOTH had a… Continue

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What a great week!

Wow, the HealthyWomen Community is a busy place. In one week we have added 400 new members, four new bloggers and dozens of discussions.  Our community grows bigger every day as we meet new women who have important questions to ask and valuable experiences to share.  Let me introduce you to some of them.

Lilorphann blew me away with the story of her “…


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I Decided to Try it Again...

I got up off my azz. 

I got up and walked.

I got up and told my dog that we needed to do this.

I want to be healthier. 

I felt so much peace walking today. I felt the breeze against my neck. I felt the sweat trekking down my body. I want that feeling again. I decided not to think about my problems. I decided to just thank GOD for another day and my neighborhood. I discovered some beautiful houses along the way. I want a house next. I told my puppy that she would…


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Chaos turns into Yogic Inspiration

Sometimes I have themes when teaching yoga, even when my clients have no idea of them. Every now and then it just hits me that I feel inspired by something I hear or something that I observe; and it becomes often, a last minute theme. 

Today, while the sun still was bright and hanging in the sky giving a little of that spring warmth, I heard someone speaking about life being complicated and trying to embrace chaos. 

Wow. Their complaint ended up being my inspiration.

So, I…


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Today my Autistic son made Honor Roll for the first time Yeah!!!!!!!!

Today was the most wonderful day....My nine year old son brought home his report card and he made the honor roll for the first time.  Not bad for being autistic.  I am so proud of him.  He has struggled with everyday life, and I watch his ups and downs, but today was definitely a good day for him, he was so proud after I explained what it meant to make the honor roll. 




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