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Can People Really Be Happy?

On May 8th, 2012, award-winning author and illustrator of the children’s book, Where The Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak, died. He was 83. In a postscript written about him in The New Yorker, Mariana Cook revisited some of what he had offered in a 2009 interview. In that interview, Sendak shared his feeling that it is hard to be happy and that some people find it easier than others. He ended with the question,

“Do you believe it when people say they are happy?”



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Conquer Menopausal Belly Fat

Most women will agree that going through “the change” can pack on the pounds.

According to the North American Menopause Society, more than 70% of women ages 55 to 75, and 65% of women ages 45 to 55 are overweight (BMI greater than 25).  More than 40% are obese (BMI greater or equal to 30). With the average age of natural menopause in the Western world being 51, it is no surprise many blame the menopause transition on weight gain and extra belly…


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Menopause Makeover High-Protein Snacks

Eating high-protein snacks can help you lose weight.

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that skipping high-protein foods may lead to overeating and is often one of the biggest causes of excess weight gain especially during the menopause years.

Take away the water in your body and about 75 percent of your weight is protein. This chemical family is found throughout the body – in…


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How to Sleep Through Menopause

We have all had sleepless nights, but for millions of post-menopausal women it happens 61 percent of the time, affecting their quality of life and their relationships. I, too, suffered from insomnia, thanks to irritating night sweats provoked by fluctuating hormones. Being sleepless through menopause made me irritable and fatigued daily. I had difficulty concentrating and it created tension with my husband because I was cranky and impatient.

There are two types of insomnia. According…


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Relax in 5…a guide to relaxation

A Guide to Relaxation

If you’re just about ready to grab chunks of your hair and throw a fit in frustration, you’re probably not the only one.  In this fast-paced world of ours, it’s not difficult to find something that triggers stress.

Whether it’s an unreasonable boss, unforgiving work hours, a punishing schedule, or the malaise of our generation – multitasking – doing too many things all at the same time and constantly worrying about things…


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10 Beauty Products That Make Life Easier

Let's face it, summer is advertised as a time for relaxation, but it often turns into the busiest season of the year. Between weddings, road trips, graduations and lots of happy hours outdoors, any time-saver is welcome. These 10 products are no-brainers and will save you time, money and stress!

1. Lip Stain

Summer sun can melt lipstick right off. Skip it and go with a beautiful lip stain that will stay put for hours. No more reapplying every 15 minutes! Just…


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10 Tips for a Healthy Summer Vacation

Whether your vacation plans involve a trip to a nearby beach or lake or a journey to foreign lands, general health and safety measures can help you and your family prevent illness and injury. These tips come from Life Extension Research Institute, a division of EHE International, a preventive health company.

1. Watch what you eat. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics offers these healthy eating suggestions for your…


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ForbesWoman Ranks HealthyWomen a Top 100 Site

I am thrilled to announce that the HealthyWomen website has been named one of the Top 100 Websites for Women by ForbesWoman for the third consecutive year.  This list highlights websites that are creative, intelligent, helpful and fun for women.  ForbesWoman asks of each site listed: “Does it have that amorphous and…


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Do You Invalidate Your Partner –Without Realizing It?

Probably the hardest things to change are the things we don't realize we're doing – like invalidating our partner.

Thanks to a plethora of self-help books on relationships, most partners, whether dating, committed or long married, have become aware of the value of listening for improving understanding and connection. Most recognize or are reminded by their partners when they are not listening.

Validation is much more than listening or even active listening. It is a…


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Managing Expectations

Patients' efforts to manage their expectations can help calm anxiety. Asking your surgeon how long you can expect to experience pain following a procedure helps prevent you from wondering and worrying about why you are sore or how long your pain will last.

But what if nobody can predict what's going to happen or how you are going to feel? Pushing your physician to predict the unpredictable is an exercise in futility. Instead of calming your anxiety, your efforts may exacerbate your…


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Learn to Talk Nicely to Yourself

Vickie Milazzo, author of the New York Times bestseller, Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman (Wiley, 2011), recently shared her “19 Stunningly Simple Strategies for Replenishing Your Emotional Energy.” As I read them, I noticed that several were closely connected and had to do with how we women talk to ourselves.

Women, in general, are caregivers, and most of us go out of our way to take care of others and be kind to them. Sometimes, we’re not so kind to ourselves.…


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What is a Modern Patient?


For years, my elevator speech when asked about my work has been, "I explore, write and speak about how modern patients get good care and live as fully as possible."

Last week someone responded with a question, "Wendy, what do you mean by a 'modern patient'"?

My knee-jerk response was, "A patient in the 21st century." But I felt uncomfortable with my answer, knowing I meant more.  

When I think, write and talk about modern patients, I'm picturing people in…


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Exercise for Mental Health: Reasons to Start and Reasons to Stop

Despite the fact that more than 86% of Americans believe exercising for fitness improves a person’s odds of a long and healthy life by “a lot,” only 28% report they actually get as much physical exercise as they should. Some people can’t start; some start and stop; and some can’t stop.

Adding to the exercise benefits for improving physical health, the most recent publication of the…


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Enhancing Your Sexuality: Six Important Strategies

Anna Freud invited us to consider that “Sex is something you do, sexuality is something you are.”

Building on this, we can define sexuality as the way we experience and express ourselves as sexual beings. What makes sexuality a complex dimension is that it is determined by many factors including our body, gender, age, culture, history, media, religion and family.

What makes our experience of our sexuality important is that it affects our overall sense of self, our…


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Dress Better, Spend Less

I'm a big proponent of quality over quantity when it comes to buying clothing. Whenever possible, I spend my money on pieces that I know will last instead of a cheaper, easier-to-obtain item. It's a tough thing to do, especially with so many fast-fashion retailers like H&M and Forever21 offering affordable options. The best strategy is to buy the best when it comes to your basic, wear-them-all-the-time items and save on trendy…


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Meditate and Feel Better About Your Body and Yourself

           I’m a nutritionist, media psychologist, wellness coach and mom (phew!). I’ve worked with hundreds of women in the areas of health, well-being and body image. I am conducting an exciting and potentially paradigm shifting study for my PhD dissertation in psychology. The study utilizes meditation to help women feel better about their bodies and themselves.

            I am currently recruiting adult women of all ages and backgrounds to participate. Here’s what participants can…


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How to Look "Dressed" in the Heat

Imagine it's about 90 degrees outside and as you stare at your closet the only thing that looks appealing is a wispy tank top and a pair of shorts. How do you make your heat-beating, bare essentials look like an outfit?

  1. Accessorize

    Your best bets for dressing up a simple look are statement jewelry, sunglasses and belts. Even the simplest outfit can be dressed up with a fantastic necklace and big movie-star shades. Belts in this season's neon shades and…

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How to Summer-Proof Your Hair

When it comes to sun protection, skin gets most of the focus, but our hair needs some consideration as well. As anyone who's ever suffered from stringy strands or a burned scalp knows, the sun can do some major damage to your tresses.

Here are some tips to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy all summer long.

1.  Avoid the Burn

Your scalp needs SPF, too. Nothing is worse than an itchy red scalp that peels after a bad burn.…


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What Soccer Taught My Daughters

My days as a soccer mom recently came to an end, and it is with some sadness that I mark this passage. My two daughters, now ages 17 and 20, both started playing soccer at age 3 and continued pretty much nonstop through high school. The younger daughter, who has played at a competitive level since age 9, has opted not to play in college and instead to focus on her pre-med studies. She's ready to move on, and I'm supporting her choice (some might say begrudgingly). It is a major passage for…


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