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How do you treat menopause?

One of the most frequently asked questions among perimenopausal women is how the symptoms of this phase can be effectively treated. While some women have minimal discomfort during the process of menopause, others are troubled with life altering symptoms that range from mild to extreme. There are many different treatments available for menopause, and each depend upon the woman's individual needs with regard to health condition, severity, and range of symptoms.



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Hair loss – What causes it?

Hair loss can be caused by a number of factors, some of which are often misunderstood. Male baldness tends to be hereditary, while hair loss in women is usually due to a change in hormone levels. The hormone changes that cause hair loss in women are normally due to the menopause, pregnancy or thyroid conditions. 

When it comes to male pattern baldness, hair loss is caused by a…


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7 Ways Smiling Boosts Your Health

Smile, it will make you feel better, we've heard this a thousand times. Just the other night I got home from a hard day and my husband was there to listen to me. He knows best how to make me laugh and smile. After about 30 minutes with him, I felt much better. Smiling makes a difference!

There is, however, science to back it up. Smile experts from…


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Why Do You Workout?

Everyone has a different reason for beginning their fitness journeys. I can still remember the first time nutrition and exercise truly “clicked” in my head, and I became interested in beginning my own fitness journey. There I was, finishing up my freshman year of college at Arizona State. I was at the gym doing my regular 30 minutes on the elliptical, when a fitness magazine caught my eye. I picked it up, and started reading…


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5 most common causes of hot flashes

Women who are in the perimenopausal stage of life experience a wide range of symptoms. One of the most common of these are hot flashes. Menopause is a natural process however; some of its symptoms can be uncomfortable, and for some, alarming. Understanding what causes hot flashes and knowing remedies that can help alleviate the discomfort can be both reassuring and empowering for women who are struggling to cope with hot flashes.

What are hot…


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The Three Things You Need to Be Happy

Happiness is all about attitude. Once you learn to develop a more positive approach towards life, you’ll notice that you’ll feel more satisfied, relaxed, and cheerful. And it’s not as hard as it may seem – you only need three things in…


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What You Need To Look For In Female Libido Enhancers?

Many women enjoy the benefits of a healthy libido, but there are some who do not as well. A libido is a general term for a woman's sex drive and sexual function. There are many things in which can affect a woman's libido negatively.

Some of the more common causes of a low libido are hormonal imbalances, effects of smoking and drinking, mental and psychological issues, trauma, sexual trauma, injury and much more. Many women have no idea where to begin in treating their low libido. Many…


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5 Cool Steps to Follow for Your Fitness and Maintain Weight

Fitness and maintenance of weight involves activities that are different from those needed in weight-loss. To maintain weight you should consume lots of low fats sources of protein, follow a consistent exercise routine and rewarding yourself for sticking to the plan and reminding yourself why you are keeping off weight. Exercise is the only straightforward factor in predicting who’s going to stay fit. Keeping weight off is about developing new habits and rituals and routine.…


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Tea Time: 7 Ways to Use Tea as a Health and Beauty Remedy

Tea has been used for thousands of years to promote health and beauty and to maintain a peaceful, calm and balanced life. New studies provide scientific basis for these benefits. If you’re looking for some natural ways to get rid of irritation and solve your health and beauty problems, here are seven ways to use tea as a remedy.

Add Shine to Hair

Brew tea and let it cool completely. Then use the tea as a rinse on freshly washed hair. Leave it on for 10 minutes, and rinse…


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Collateral Damage: What Children Say About Domestic Violence

 Domestic Violence persists as a complicated and serious problem across geography, age, income, race, gender, religion and ethnicities. Women experience more than 4 million physical assaults and rapes because of their partners, and men are victims of nearly 3 million physical assaults. Eighty-five percent of…


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Collateral Damage: What Children Say About Domestic Violence

 Domestic Violence persists as a complicated and serious problem across geography, age, income, race, gender, religion and ethnicities. Women experience more than 4 million physical assaults and rapes because of their partners, and men are victims of nearly 3 million physical assaults. Eighty-five percent of…


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Feeling Better After Birth: Tips for Post-Partum Wellness

Having a baby is a joyful occasion that changes your life forever. You may also experience post-baby body changes in more ways than one. The hormone changes and lack of sleep that come with a newborn can be…


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Is It Fair that Women Need More Time to Lose Weight?!

Do you have excess weight? Are you sick and tired of looking for effective tips? Did you know that according to the latest researches, women must do about 20% more exercises to get the same results as men? Besides, if you are a man, exercising is enough for you to get rid of excess weight, but if you are a woman, you should look at your diet. Of course, it is not fair, but don't give way to despair! Here you can learn a lot about an effective weight loss routine.

Specialists state…


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6 Health Issues that Hormonal Fluctations Make You More Susceptible To

The human body relies on a particular balance of hormone levels and activity in order to function efficiently and correctly. However, hormones can fluctuate due to a wide range of conditions from disease to menopause. While it's not necessarily abnormal for hormone to fluctuate from time to time,…


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Nutrition Tracker, Calorie tracker, Online Calorie Counter and Weight Loss App, Keep a Track on Your Calories with Free Nutrition Tracker

What is a nutrition tracker? Nutrition tracker is an online service that tracks daily calorie intake. How to get an effective diet tracker? Whenever it comes to dieting, it’s easy to get affected by it. You have to keep track of calories, follow an exercise schedule, monitor your progress and find time to boast to your friends as how the new diet plan works. Phone users have access to so many apps that acts as free nutrition tracker and offer education,…


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Can painful joints have any impact on sex life?

At times, the emotional and physical symptoms associated with painful joints can affect relationships - which may include sexual expressions and enjoyment.…


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Things You and Your Child Should Never Share Online

Today’s children and teens are prone to oversharing personal information on the Internet. They aren’t necessarily to blame, since even adults…


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Why Sex Becomes Painful after Menopause?

Estrogen greatly affects a woman's sex drive, but when its levels begin to decrease after menopause, then vaginal dryness and tightness is the result. Testosterone hormone levels, even though small in a woman's body makeup, also plays a partnership role in a woman's desire for intercourse. Estrogen aids in the lubrication of the vaginal walls and makes them more elastic. Therefore, with lessened estrogen hormones, means more dryness, inflammation occurs and it makes the environment conducive…


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Is Milk Really Healthy for You? Learn the Facts

We often associate milk with the thing that we used to drink when we were little, strong teeth and bones, a good source of calcium – milk would get a lot of praise back in the day, but is it really good for you? We hear about the benefits of milk quite often but strangely enough we don't hear too much about the side effects of milk and how it can affect your health. We'll dwell on these topics a bit deeper throughout the article.…


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People struggling to buy homes after foreclosure

Since the housing market crashed in 2008, millions of people have lost there homes in foreclosure and many have also filed for bankruptcy. Now the foreclosure crisis is officially over but many Americans are still recovering financially. Since it can take several years to rebuild credit after a bankruptcy or foreclosure, many who experienced bankruptcy or foreclosure during the recession are only just now in a position to purchase a home again. Unfortunately, many who've finally reached that…


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