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“I Hybrid Feed Because I Don’t Make Enough Milk”

by Katie Madden & Ariana Powers

Bottle or boob? Formula or breastmilk?

Yes, please. All of these.

A little known way to feed your baby is to “Hybrid Feed.” Hybrid feeding is not “I do both” or using formula for convenience. It is a very deliberate and strategic method to protect breastfeeding when a mom doesn’t have quite enough milk.

When done properly, moms who hybrid feed can often go on to nurse their babies for twelve or more months. Some of them even…


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Attract What You Want into Your Life

Most people have heard about the law of attraction. Despite understanding the basics of what it's about, they tend to struggle with the idea of manifesting good things in their lives. Some make the mistake of taking no action. They hope that good things are going to happen without any effort. Others are very action oriented but don't spend much time thinking about what they actually want to accomplish. They don't meditate or visualise. Instead, they focus mainly on the real work they have to…


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Personal Injuries: How To Handle The Physical And Emotional Stress

Suffering from an unexpected injury can throw your life into chaos. Depending upon the type and severity of your injuries, you may be incapacitated, unable to work and in chronic, intractable pain. A personal injury…


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Guide for silky & smooth skin

Skin is the mirror of your health and age. It is also the organ that is often exposed to many damaging influences, starting from your nutrition to outer damages caused by the sun or smoke. That is why you should take special care for it, especially during winter and summer. Summer is usually the time when we give the most attention to our skin, probably because it’s exposed more than ever to sun rays and to eyes of other people. But how exactly should you prepare your skin for hot summer…


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Eating and working out properly during Ramadan

People who have strict workout and eating regimen already find it a bit tricky to balance all aspects of their lives. When you are Muslim trying to work out, change diet, and fast at the same time, it may seem like a mission impossible. You may try putting off your workouts because you…


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"I Chose to Stop Breastfeeding"

by Katie Madden and Lindsey Holland

It is a fallacy to believe that you actually get to choose whether you breastfeed or bottle feed. You get to choose your intended feeding method during your pregnancy and you get to choose how you will plan and prepare for the likelihood of success in that choice. Once the baby comes, you get to choose what advice and help you seek out, listen to, and apply to your own personal circumstances. When it comes to breastfeeding, you get to choose how…


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Things People Wear in the Gym: What's OK and What's Not

First thing’s first: gym is not a fashion show and it is not a shop window in which you should look your best. Ads are deceiving and you are not about to look pretty while you are sweating on a treadmill or trying to lift weights. However, it doesn’t mean that there are no rules about what should and…


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Cure Piles the Natural Way

Cure Piles the Natural Way

There are many uncomfortable medical conditions that you don't want to experience. At the top of that list is piles. This painful and embarrassing problem affects millions of people worldwide. Those who suffer from it hope it ends because they can't think of anything else. Piles can literally push all other thoughts from your mind because this condition is so incredibly uncomfortable. For this reason, people are always looking for solutions…


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How to know the right women age to conceive

There are several ways by which one can come to know about the right age to conceive. These are as follows:

Physical Consideration: Researchers and doctors suggest that mid-twenties, i.e. the ages between 25 and 30, are the right age to conceive. This is the age when the ovaries are most fertile. They produce nearly 300 eggs per year. With ageing of a woman, ovaries also grow old and their fertility decreases bringing down the egg count. Also the quality of eggs deteriorates…


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Long Term Injury? Six Things That Can Make Your Life A Little Easier As You Recover

A long-term injury will require a patient to start making some serious changes to their lifestyle. In addition to coping with discomfort in those first few days, it is likely that they will need to make changes…


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How to Reduce Period Pain During Exam

Period pain can be a real problem at any time, but particularly at key times in your life.  If you have exams of any type coming up, then period pain can break your concentration.  Doing well in an exam means having to produce a high standard of work and show that you understand facts, recollect key information and have knowledge of ideas and concepts.  So anything that disrupts your ability to work well can be extremely off-putting.

However, by planning in advance and having in place…


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8 Reasons Why You Should Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is essential for overall general health. It is also important to maintain good oral hygiene if you want to have an attractive smile. A great smile has been a great confidence booster for most people. Most people who have dental problems normally find it difficult to interact professionally and socially due to diminished confidence.…


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Get The Convenience Of Hospital Amenities At Home

With 3.8 million Canadians living with limited mobility due to disability, there are so many people that are unable to do the simple things in life. If you or a loved one is having trouble getting around the house, achieving a good…


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Five Benefits of Wash and Wear Hair

Some women cringe at the lack of time they have each day to get ready. They wish they could invest many more minutes when it comes to their hair and beauty routine. But, if you are a working mother (especially of multiple children) you know that taking all the time in the world to get yourself ready isn’t really an…


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Best Things About Seo Company

You are going about this as if you are trying to find every other company while trying to find an SEO specialist. You speak and need to discuss with a number of them. However, you also got to know what concerns you have to ask to obtain the info you'll need for making a sound decision. This report, therefore, are uncertain in regards to what to consider and can help these folks who are looking for a search marketing company for the initial time. Falling Up Media can be an Online Marketing …


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What Did You Eat?

(It probably isn’t something you ate.)

Beware.  This is a topic that makes me particularly fussy, so the first half is written with a little (a lot ) of sarcasm.

Fussy baby? According to anyone with an opinion (you know what opinions are like… everyone has one),  it is probably something you ate.

So, in your free time, why don’t you go ahead and change up your entire diet.  Research how to remove gluten and dairy and soy. Don’t use any spices and in general,…


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How Kitchen Can Bring Family Closer Toghether

Modern high-paced lifestyle decreases the time families spend together. School and work schedules, the abundance of outdoor activities, online activities, you name it. Kids are left to explore the world on their own, and seek other sources of information and guidance. They consume junk food and forget that nutritious one is waiting for them at home.…


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10 Stress Outlets for Your Health

Women have a tendency to try to do it all, and while they’re very often successful at doing so, it can take a toll on their overall health and happiness. They often find significantly increased stress and discomfort as well as possible adverse health effects. The solution is for them to find a healthy outlet for their stress that will leave them with more energy without damaging their body in any way. If you’re finding that stress is making you sick, both physically and mentally, it’s time…


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Calcium for Women

Calcium is a very important mineral especially for women’s health. This is because women are more prone to osteoporosis (a disease in which bones become fragile and more prone to fractures). According to numerous studies, most of the women do not consume the recommended amount of calcium on a daily basis, which is…


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All About Hair Loss

Hair loss is something we all exprience at some point, though not all of it is a cause for concern. Even if it is minor shedding, most of us have felt slight panic at the sight of clumps of hair in our hairbrushes. Around 56 million people across the US experience hair loss. This infographic gives you the ins and outs of hair loss, and will hopefully answer some of the questions you may have: …


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