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Come fly with me

Traveling by air used to be fun and exciting.  The airport was bustling with family reunions and emotional partings.  Everyone was flying to far flung destinations.  Meals were served on dainty little plates.  After a few hours you emerged into a totally different city.

It isn’t the same anymore.  Security screenings, baggage fees and crowded planes make air travel stressful and exhausting.  People have to check websites to figure out what’s allowed and how to pack it.

As you…


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Important Couple Skill: Knowing When It is Best NOT to Say Anything

Whether you have just begun dating or you are celebrating a Golden Anniversary, most partners are aware that communication is a crucial component in relationship happiness and satisfaction. Most self-help books extol it, and most experts working with couples encourage and facilitate improved communication.

Dr. Marianne Legato, author of…


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Fibromyalgia Ettiquette

Fibro Ettiquette


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How to Dress for an Interview

Job interviews are daunting. In addition to putting your best professional foot forward, you have to look the part. I've interviewed for about five major jobs in my day (more than one interview for a few), and I've also been the interviewer. I've got to say, I'm sometimes shocked at what people wear.

While every industry has different standards for their employees' appearances, there are some general rules that I encourage women to follow when…


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Finding quality elder care

A new study finds that many home aides who care for the elderly in the United States have no training and don't undergo stringent background checks or drug tests. 

The study looked at the qualifications of caregivers who visit the homes of the elderly to assist with daily activities such as dressing and meal preparation. Caregivers may be expected to help with nutrition assistance,…


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How to Add a Friend

One of the features I love in our Community is the ability to Add a Friend.  I like to make connections to new people because I know that there’s going to be at least one thing that we have in common.  Some members have the same health challenges as I do.  Other people have unique experiences that I can learn from.  There are even some that just live in the same area and can share local resources.  The friends I make on here are some of the best resources I could ask for.  If you feel the…


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How Do We Cope in the Aftermath of a Catastrophe?

The definition of catastrophe is an event causing great and often sudden damage or suffering. The early morning shooting and killing of 12 people and wounding of others as they eagerly began viewing the latest Batman movie; “The Dark Knight Rises,” tragically qualifies.

As we shockingly take stock of this horrific event, we once again dare to imagine the pain of the families or resonate with memories of having faced similar pain. In the face of traumatic loss we are left without…


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Your manicure looks beautiful. But the health effects are ugly

The  article excerpted below highlights the negative health effects of exposure to many of the products used in nail salons.  Women who work in the salons sustain much greater exposure than the customers but we all should be concerned about these exposures.   The full article is available at …


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Beauty Lessons From French Women

My fiancé and I just returned from a fantastic vacation to Paris. We had been plotting the sights we'd see and the cuisine we'd taste for months, but secretly I was most excited to scope out the elusive and oft-admired French women in their natural habitat. Rumors abound that French women possess secrets to lasting beauty that we Americans can only dream about.

I must admit that I did find quite a bit to admire about the French approach to beauty (when it comes to…


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Renovate Your Relationship: Replace Unsafe Couple Dynamics

Regardless of how new or old your relationship, most couples can benefit from changing relationship dynamics that cause marital deterioration.

In a recent study in The Journal of Family Psychology, researchers, Lavner, Bradbury and Karney found in surveying 251 couples every six months for the first four years of their marriage, that despite the wish for marital fulfillment those whose marriages deteriorated…


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Are pills our only way out?

In the past few weeks, the Food and Drug Administration has approved two new medicines to help with weight-loss.  The FDA said…


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Wanted: Fibromyalgia




For Official Use

Plaintiff: Melissa Swanson -vs- Defendant(s) : Fibromyalgia, Sad, GAD, Degenerative disc disease,

                       TMJ, ADD,…


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10 Tips for Enjoying Summer Without the Burn of Acid Reflux

I seem to have been blessed with a cast iron stomach: I can eat and drink almost anything and it doesn't bother me. Not so for my husband and…


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This is my life ~ Surviving Fibromyalgia

This is my life...


I have been blogging for about a year and 1/2.  The above link is my blog site.  I even find myself going back to the first post to read how I felt when I first was struggling with the acceptance of  what was going to be a hurdle in my life. 

I will post the future posts on this site as well.

I hope you enjoy reading the journey as much as I enjoy writing about it.

Lissa J…


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Our Do(s) and Don’t(s)

Our HealthyWomen Community is the place where you can meet new friends, have your questions answered and share with women who could benefit from your personal experiences.  We want a community that is warm and welcoming to everyone who stops by for a visit.

Please take a moment to review Our Do(s) and Don't(s).  Let these be a helpful reminder of how to keep this is the fun and informative place we all want…


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How to Find Reliable Menopause Information Online

Seventy-two percent of women have not received any treatment for menopausal symptoms, according to recent study conducted by Lake Research Partners for the Endocrine Society.

Of those…


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National Blueberry Month … Who Knew?

There are some foods I eat a million ways and eat almost daily—tomatoes, onions and garlic come to mind. There are other foods I like, but I only eat them in season, and there don't seem to be many ways to eat them—blueberries, raspberries and melons fall in that category for me. But, I received a press release…


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Is A Sexless Marriage Something to Worry About?

People often raise the question as to whether there can be happiness in a sexless marriage.  Professionals wonder about and research the same question.

Robert Epstein, a psychologist studying this area, reports that 10 to 20% of the romantic relationships in the U.S. are sexless. According to Epstein, a sexless relationship is defined as one in which the partners have had sex less than once a month or less than 10 times a year. Others writing in the field take the word more literally…


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Neurofeedback for effective Weight Loss Management


Have you heard the story behind Wynonna Judd's weight loss? How would you like to have a weight loss without going starvation mode? Rapid weight loss based on starvation code will not work because you cannot go on starving yourself all your life!


Then what is the right Weight loss program for me?


Failure to let go of weight is more than fat loss. It is emotional, mental and spritual. Culprit…


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Anniversary of Accident Helps Me Appreciate My Children

I spent last Fourth of July at the hospital with my younger daughter, two days after her serious car accident. I'm…


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