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Osteoarthritis - Is This Pain Normal?

You may start to notice a few new aches and pains now and then and think it's probably just old age catching up with you, particularly if you're over 50. While the body does begin to show signs of wear and tear and some discomforts are a normal part of the process of aging, there are some symptoms that should not be ignored. Osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative form of arthritis that can lead to extreme pain and disability without proper diagnosis and management. By understanding what is…


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Is Sex an Antidepressant?

There is a very complex relationship that does exist between sex and depression. However, despite this, there are many aspects to sex that do indeed boost mood and can act as an effective buffer against the ill effects that depression does bring along with it. As you do know, depression is not only a mood killer, it also makes off with one sex drive and desire. It also depletes one of their motivation and also feeling attractive. So, with this said, if sex can chase away the symptoms of…


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4 Shocking Foods that Promote Tooth Decay

Even foods that are widely considered healthy may not be so great for your teeth. Read on to learn about four shocking foods that promote tooth decay. Avoiding these items, or taking extra care with your dental hygiene as well as regularly getting cleanings from your dentist if you do…


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Eight Ways to Decide If In-Home Senior Care Is Right for Your Family

In-home senior care service is growing in popularity and is a welcome option for families debating putting an elderly loved one into a nursing home. Following are eight signs that home care may be right for your family.

1.      Distance Issues

You don't live close enough to an…


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Can Having Too Much Sex Work Against You

Women have been asking themselves questions about sex, probably since the earliest times of history. The fairer sex has been accused, labeled and judged for their sexuality, especially if it was promiscuous or morally questionable. Such conjecture has usually been based on male bias and does not apply to…


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Emotional and Mental Health Benefits of Sex

There are some significant benefits to having sex that people will want to explore. This will provide couples with a more intimate bond and will help them develop a closer connection. But some may not realize that there are some prominent health benefits associated with sex. Couples can read through some of these prominent mental health benefits and think about how they can improve their own lives along the way. If couples take time out of their schedule to have sex, they will build up a…


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Thought About a Clinical Trial? How to Know if You'd Make a Good Candidate & Which Study to Choose

Clinical trials are growing in popularity because they allow participants to help with medical research, diagnose their own problems, and even earn some extra money. However, those who are interested first have to be approved, and certain studies have specific requirements for participation. Knowing if you'd make a good candidate, as well as applying for the right type of opportunities, is key for anyone interested in these types of studies. If you’ve been considering participating in a…


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Parental Patterns For Keeping a Drug Free Home

Illegal substances are a scary subject when it comes to our children. The consequences of drug use can range from failing grades to serious health problems and trouble with the law. Taking preventative measures now will help keep your home drug free.

Start Early…


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The Boob Rules

The Rules (birth-4 weeks old)

#1 (Most important Rule) FEED THE BABY

Ideally, you will do this by…


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Anemia and Colon Cancer - Is There Any Connection?

Anemia is a condition that affects several thousands of people every year. It can occur at any age, but is more typically found within the aging population. There are many different causes of this condition, but there it can also be a symptom of a serious and life threatening health condition. There are correlations between anemia and the development of colon cancer. Anemia does not necessarily mean that a person has cancer or…


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Top 5 Tips to Spice up Your Bedroom!

Men often find it difficult to spend time alone with their partners. Daily stress, busy schedules, and even children can interfere with romantic plans, along with feeling fatigued. It is estimated that up to 78 percent of couples have sex less often after they have had children, and when that is added to decreasing libidos sex can occur less frequently. Another problem for long term couples could also be simple boredom in the bedroom. Once the newness of the relationship has worn off and the…


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Eczema: the Facts

Eczema is a common skin condition which affects between 1-3% of adults and 10-20% of children. In fact eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, affects one in five children in the UK. In most cases it will develop before the age of five…


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Invisalign Helps With A Variety Of Dental Issues

For most people, dental fixtures, such as braces, can sometimes be a headache. If you are worried about visible equipment in your mouth, an experienced dental office can help. Invisalign is a simple, transparent, and removable device to help correct several dental problems. Most people are unaware of the amount of problems Invisalign can correct. With the help of professional dental staff,such as the team at the Dawson Dental Centre, you can find the right solution for you. Correcting…


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Jenny's Story

Independent, stubborn, adorable, loving, smart, funny, breathtaking.  These are all words I would use to describe my daughter Aria.  I know all this about her and she is only 16 weeks old.  In fact, these characteristics have been present for many weeks now, and I have become aware of them largely through our breastfeeding relationship.

Aria was born 8 days early at The Birth Center on November 22, 2013 after a very quick but intense 7 hour labor and 10 minutes of pushing.  At 6.9 lbs…


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Is a Condom Enough? - A Guide To Safe Sex

A condom is an important element of having safe sex but it may not be enough. Safe sex, or perhaps a better way of putting it would be safer sex, is about choices, and most importantly it is about the choices you make about what you will and will not do sexually with another person. You get to choose what you…


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Teenager in the House Communication and Conflicts

It is not hard to communicate with a teenager .  Just listen as hard as it is to  listen,do it  and do it carefully.  For example you child says he/she is going out with a friend.  You say ok.  guess what? within the last three hours your child made a new friend. Someone you know nothing about. You need to listen and ask and examine all that is said  by your teen. It's not wrong.  This is your child.   This new friend can be the cause of heartaches to come…


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How a Lack of Understanding Causes Relationship Problems during Menopause?

Menopause can bring about symptoms in some women that have life altering effects. While many seem to breeze through this transitional period of life with few problems, some others encounter a wide array of difficulties. Every woman experiences menopause differently and as an individual. For…


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Six best time management hacks for working parents

Time is a luxury seldom enjoyed for working parents. Whether it’s a scramble to pick the kids up on time so you can make it to the supermarket before it closes (“Mum! I told you I won’t eat anything that has pork in it!”), or rushing to fill three lunchboxes before the bus comes, keeping your sanity in check can seem a dizzying, distant daydream.…


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How to naturally get rid of Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are commonly occurred in several adults. Lot of people suffer from this disease as they really don’t know how the disease is cured.

What are hemorrhoids and its symptoms?

They are inflamed or swollen veins in the area of…


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