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Snack on the Go: How to Eat Healthy, Fast

Today's families spend more time on the go than families in previous generations. All those hours in the car on the way to work, school and activities can easily lead to unhealthy eating. Time constraints only exacerbate the problem when you can't get away from your desk for a casual…


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Beauty Tips I’d Tell My Younger Self

When you are young and clueless (but usually too stubborn to ask your mum or older sister for some good advice), you’ll eat anything that flies and that includes beauty and fashion tips. And all of that is fine as long as we’re doing it right.…


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5 ways to Women can move up the Career Ladder

Being a woman in the workplace isn't always easy. Here are 5 simple, easy things you can do that will help you move up the career ladder.

Be the expert

If you act like a professional, people will look up to you. Even on the casual days dress professionally and neatly. Attend conferences it shows that you are putting the effort in to learn. Be the problem solver, if there is a difficult situation, come up with a solution and more people will trust…


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Hazardous Talcum Powder

In the spring of 2015, Judith Winkel, a 73 year old California woman, won a lawsuit against Colgate-Palmolive after a jury determined that she had developed mesothelioma from a popular talcum powder. Mesothelioma is an aggressive form of cancer that…


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Top Anti-Aging Creams You Need To Try

Anti-aging products are the most sought after category in beauty and skincare. The growth in the demand of these products have been attributed by market analysts to the combined growth in demand of everyone, men and women from the most senior baby…


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Why Food Storage is a good idea for your Family and their health

There are countless of reasons why food storage is such a great idea. When you have a family, saving time, space and money are basic essentials. There is an array of food storage products available, from canister sets to tupper ware containers. Properly storing food…


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Brain Tumor Surgery: After Care Precaution for Women

Prospect of undergoing brain tumor surgery is a scary situation & therefore, patients should generally be encouraged to ask as many questions as they want to neurosurgeons. Relevant information will generally lessen anxiety while reducing fear of the unknown. Better understanding will additionally help in making the most informed decision & help regain a sense of control so as to cope up with a fast moving situation.…


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Brown Discharge Before Period? Causes and Natual Treatment

What does brown discharge before period mean?

Sometimes, the smelly brown discharge before period is normaly, however, in rare cases, it may indicate pathological changes within your reproductive system.

What causes brown discharge?

The causes of brown vaginal discharge includes endometriosis, infections, sexually transmitted diseases, birth control pills and other reasons. If you have been experiencing the brown discharge before, it…


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My journey to veganism

Growing up in a family where tradition is to be respected and the cultural background is something to be proud of and celebrated, doesn’t leave you with much choice but to embrace it all and enjoy the ride. In fact, and you know this yourself, when you are a kid – no matter how weird or wrong things feel, you usually don’t question them. You just let them be and wait for some more mature time to open discussions or simply change the things you were previously uncomfortable…


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5 Ways To Get Rid Of Cellulite In A Month

Even though as much as 90% of women are estimated to have cellulite problems, almost all of them are weighed down by their cellulite issues! Just thinking about the sheer majority of women who have these unsightly orange peels will have you thinking “why would women still care?” when everybody’s got…


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Women and Alcohol - Do You Like a Drink or Two to Relax After Work?

Alcoholism is different for men and women, although both can suffer from this disorder there are often different reasons why drinking becomes a problem.

Women also metabolize alcohol differently and hence suffer unique health consequences as a result of drinking to excess. They are often more secretive and more harshly treated by society so are often in denial of their habit. Sometimes women feel too ashamed to seek help and therefore sadly they tend to show a much more rapid…


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Top 5 Dental Care Myths That Everyone Believes

Where would we be without our teeth? We need our teeth to be able to eat a satisfying if not a well-balanced diet. Healthy, beautiful teeth also contribute significantly to an engaging smile and are overall physical appearance.

Even more important than your physical…


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Things to Know Before Buying a Hospital Bed for Home

Hospitals, more often than not, only look after patients for a definite amount of time, post which the patients are sent back home to heal and recover under the care of their loved ones. It is very difficult to handle a patient who is bed-ridden; the going gets tougher, when the bed-ridden patient is an elderly. While being at home, in the midst of family and friends, might be a welcome change from the bland hospital setting for a patient, the family members and caregivers might have to…


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How to Best Exercise at Home

Getting more exercise, even a moderate amount, can make a difference in your overall health. You don't need to train for a triathlon to get the…


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Some Home Cleaning Tips You've Likely Never Heard

Keeping your home clean is an ongoing task that takes work and dedication. There are always going to be trouble spots like around your faucets and baseboards. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you get the scum out of your bathroom and reach all those cramped…


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STDs as well as their Typical Indicators

Anyone could possibly get STD. Regardless of whether you're aged or youthful, affluent or even poor, you might have a physician's degree or only a high college dropout, whether you're multi-corporation BOSS or merely a typical hotdog booth owner, these sexually sent diseases don't discriminate and they don't choose. Any individual who engages within sexual actions is prone to acquiring a std or an infection. So whether it had been merely the one evening stand or even week-long vacation, if…


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What You Need To Know About Septoplasty

A deviated septum can cause a multitude of health issues for affected patients including respiratory trouble, excessive snoring and exacerbated allergies. Septoplasty is a corrective procedure that aims to improve and restore nasal deviations and abnormalities. An experienced and certified plastic surgeon must be consulted to determine enhancement procedure suitable for patient needs.

What is Septoplasty…


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Ingredients You Should Check Before Buying Anti-aging Products

In an industry that is worth US$ 465 billion, according to Euromonitor International, the playing field is open to everyone to literally any enterprise who have the capacity to invest and make business out of this growing industry. It does not even…


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9 Best ways to Spot Early Pregnancy Signs

How early can you detect pregnancy? The answer for most women is not early enough.

Whether or not you are hoping to get pregnant, realizing you might be can be frustrating if it’s too early to visit a doctor for a standard pregnancy test. Many…


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Six Foods To Avoid For Healthy Teeth

Prevention is always the best medicine. You can save yourself from a lot of pain if you follow this rule regarding your health. Same goes for your teeth. The teeth require special attention to stay healthy. The teeth can be made stronger and brighter with fillings, crowns, and professional whitening. The best way to take care of the teeth is to be careful of what you eat and doing simple things such as…


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