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Peri-Menopausal Rage A Psychological Problem?

On August 31st I watched the Dr. Oz show on Peri-Menopausal Rage.  View the episode HERE.

I certainly understand this rage as I was experiencing it myself in my mid 40's before I realized what I could to do keep it under control - it just kind of creeps up on you with no warning.  The slightest thing can set you off into a place that you never thought that you could go, lashing…


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Any Excuse to Procrastinate

I seem to be having more than the usual difficulty focusing this fall. I thought I'd get on track after the kids went to college and things settled into a routine. Hasn't happened.

I especially seem to have difficulty focusing on work: too much time on Facebook and e-mail and surfing the Internet. Though not as serious, I also seem unable to get things done around the house. I think about all chores that need to be done, but that's often as far as it gets.

I'm not depressed and…


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Eeny Meeny Miney Mo ~ Catch a Doctor by the toe

I am off to see the Wizard.. the wonderful wizard of FIBRO...

I am on my way in the morning to meet a Doctor.  The only Rheumatologist I have seen is when I was diagnosed.  I have been my own "pain specialist".  I have been studying everything related to Fibromyalgia every single day for the past 3 years. Why do I need a "Fibro" doctor?

A few weeks ago, I scared myself.   My dizziness and lightheadedness got so bad that I began to black out.  In…


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Do the Private and Public Versions of Your Relationship Match?

Almost everyone has felt the shock of hearing that a couple that seemed “so great together” was breaking up.

It can also be just as shocking to observe the public interaction of a couple only to wonder, “Why are these people together?”

Having worked many years with couples, I've come to understand that no one but the partners involved really know the differences in the private or public versions of their relationship.

While some differences in the private and…


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False Misrepresentation

A while ago when my parents were visiting one of the Fibromyalgia commercials came on as I was asked “Why I was not on it?”. I have been asked that by others in the past. “What about the medicines advertised on TV?”

I replied …


Added by Lissa J on September 20, 2012 at 3:40pm — 1 Comment

New Study: You CAN Be Fit and Fat

Good News for the Healthy Obese! According to a study recently published in the European Heart Journal, obese subjects who exercised regularly maintained their metabolic fitness -- that is, maintained normal blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels and healthy heart and lung function -- and were at no greater risk for diabetes, heart disease and cancer than metabolically fit people of any weight. And this is heartening news for those of us who regularly exercise, yet still struggle…


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Goodbye Summer

Even though it will still be quite warm here in South Louisiana, for a bit longer, it is almost time to bid my summer farewell. What an active, amazing summer it was!

I really enjoyed ALL my vacations. We made some fantastic memories. My 15 year old son spent over a month RV'ing out west with his grandparents. I'm so thankful for the wonderful bond he shares with them. While he was away, hubby and I spent lots of time on the road, in the Jeep! My hubby and I enjoyed our cruise, almost… Continue

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Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow

Do you love what you do? Are you happy in your career, or are you rethinking your life and what you want to do with the rest of it?

It seems as though the more people -- let’s say, women -- I talk to, the more it becomes apparent that there’s some sort of shift happening in the universe. Or maybe it’s just that more of us are starting to assess what we’re doing and where we’re headed with our lives, wondering if we’re truly happy doing what we’re doing in our careers, lifestyles and…


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Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

For many of us, our days are jam-packed with nonstop action. From the moment the alarm so rudely orders us awake to the time we finally fall into bed, we are constantly on the go. Our schedules demand constant attention, revision and reminders. So it should be no surprise that it can be difficult for us to turn off our brains. Whether it’s replaying a conversation that went wrong today or reviewing tomorrow’s to-do list, our minds are happy to fill the quiet space of bedtime with plenty of…


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My Skinnification Story

Before I start, the term "skinnification" is just a word me and the hubby use to describe our weightloss. We don't like the word "journey", to us it's more like an attitude.

A lil over a yr ago, as I sat in my recliner, stuffing my face with chips and dip, my hubby of 20 plus yrs, came to me saying he had to do something about his weight or he was not going to live much longer. I think I muttered something about moving out of my way, my soap was on. 

But, I knew he was right.…


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Do you know the Causes and Signs or symptoms of Blue Waffle Disease

Despite the fact we can not be absolutely convinced regarding the genuine causes, we are able to go over a couple of potential reasons for the blue waffles disease revealed below. A vulnerable body's defence mechanism or just diminished capacity to resist disease is certainly one of the key reason that can lead to blue waffle disease. Additionally, emotional stress along with very poor or perhaps reduced eating plan are a few further reasons that may lead to this unique vaginal illness.…


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Taking Control One Plaque at a Time: My Life with Psoriasis

An eight-year-old’s biggest concern in life is often what friend to play with after school or the birthday party happening over the weekend. But for me, second grade was when I received my diagnosis of plaque psoriasis, a chronic, autoimmune disease that appears on the skin, and  had to quickly develop a “tough” exterior and internal strength – two qualities that aren’t really top of mind for many at that age.

I remember my diagnosis like it was yesterday. My parents and I visited a…


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Would YOU Gain 70 Pounds for $1 Million Dollars?

Are you following this guy on his Fit2Fat2Fit website?

A personal trainer by profession, he wanted to see what his clients have to go through to lose weight, so he intentionally gained 70 pounds over six months through no exercise and unlimited eating. Now he will be losing the weight again over the next 6 months. And he's posting his eating plan and workout plan so that others can join him.…


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Helpful Hints? Really?

Helpful Hints? Really?


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The Burden of Marital Stress on Children and Teens

As children and teens head back to school this year, they should not be carrying emotional baggage from home.

When we worry about how our children will handle school- what they will face and how they will cope, we often overlook the impact of marital strife on their physical, emotional…


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I need a new drug!

“I need a new drug”

Posted on September 4, 2012 by swansonmjs

The other night I awoke at midnight in pain and found myself unable to fall back to sleep. This is not an uncommon occurrence. However, usually I can reposition, turn on a mystery show, chat with another Fibromite, play Words w/Friends, apply ice or heat and within 1-3 hours fall back to sleep.

As I watched the time get closer to 3 am with no relief from the pain or feeling like I had no chance of getting any…


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How do you feel?.....Stressed?

Don’t you dislike that word?  To me when I hear the word stressed it brings up all kinds of feelings of being out of control.

As woman we have so many things to handle in our lives…children, parents, significant others, grandchildren, business, jobs, shopping (and I don’t mean the fun kind). When is there time for us?

What I found works for me is a schedule. So I know exactly what the day has in store for me.  You can do it at night before you go to bed,…

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The Mental Side Of Weight Loss

Just Looking At This Made You Hungry, Didn't It?
Did you know that some researchers have argued that as much as 80% of weight loss success is mental and not physical?

Meditation is a way to keep yourself focused and on track with your …

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What Is Sexy?

Sexy is being confident...Sexy is being determined...Sexy is being courageous...Sexy is being creative...Sexy is being enthusiastic...Sexy is being …


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The Why, How, And How Much Of Protein

Why do I need protein?

Your body uses proteins in your diet to build new cells, maintain tissues, and synthesize new proteins that make it possible for you to perform basic bodily functions - such as muscle and brain function.  As we age we lose muscle mass and cell responsiveness.  Proteins transmit…

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