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Fear is Your Mama Bear- How Fear Helps You Breastfeed

This is #7 of the “10 Pitfalls to Breastfeeding Enjoyment”

Everyone has heard that question: what is the biggest sacrifice you make when you have a baby?  Is it sleep? Your body? Your sex life? Your social life.  Nope.  For me,

BIggest Sacrifice

Never again will I be without worry or responsibility.  Never again will I have the ability to just feel like everything is ok because in…


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Which Procedure is Right for Me? Modern Dental Implants

One of the first things someone notices about you is your smile. If you are not comfortable with the way your teeth and smile look, it will show in your overall demeanor. Modern dental implants are a great way to accomplish that beautiful smile you have always wished for. When it comes to dental implants, there are a couple of different options to choose between.



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Tea Time: Seven Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

A beverage enjoyed for centuries by human culture, green tea has numerous health benefits and nutrients for the body. With enough to scientific evidence to back up all of the most popular claims, green tea provides numerous advantages for almost every element of the human body. Whether you are already an avid green tea drinker, or you are still a skeptic, read on to learn about the amazing advantages of adopting this drink into your diet.



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Having Healthy Sex Can Boost the Neuron Production in Brain

Sex isn't just good for giving someone pleasure, it's beneficial for almost all areas of life. It helps your immune system, your heart health, your mental health, your bladder health, and much more. Most recently, researchers at the University of Maryland have proven that sex can actually improve the neuron production in your brain, therefore making you smarter, as if all the other benefits weren't enough. According to the research, sex drastically improves mental function and the production…


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Why does weight loss boost your sex drive?

Both men and women have found that one's sex drive is an integral part of any relationship. Enhancing sex drive will provide couples with a closer bond. It will also represent a significant challenge for people who haven't dealt with these issues in the past. Weight loss is a proven strategy that…


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Controversy Over a Little Piece of Plastic

By Erica Richardson

Determined.  That was how I felt at the beginning of my breastfeeding relationship with my daughter, Lila.  I was also tired, nervous, and felt like I had no idea what I was doing.   My birth did not go as planned, as I was transferred from The Birth Center after Lila’s heart rate dropped for the second time and did not…


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How Trauma Leads to Depression and 3 Tips for Coping

No matter who you are or how you live your life, you are going to go through hard times, unexpected changes, and life-altering events. While everyone responds to difficulties differently, it’s not uncommon for someone to experience periods of depression after a traumatic experience. Here’s a little bit of…


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Simple Fixes To These Common Health Problems You May Have

Common health problems complicate your everyday lives. Work days are lost, family occasions are missed, and a chunk of change goes to the doctor. What are some simple solutions to conditions you find irritating?

Toothache or Dental Problems

One of the…


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More Women Suffering from COPD

There are currently over seven million women in the US alone suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). However, this doesn’t take into account the millions more who are undiagnosed, especially since misdiagnosing COPD with asthma is relatively common. In the past 30 years, the number of women dying from COPD has risen…


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Pillow Talk: Top Must-Have Talk for a Healthy Sex Life

Every couple could stand to work on building up on the communication that they share. If couples want to maintain a healthy approach to their relationship, they will find that pillow talk is one of the best options that they have. Pillow talk can be as quick as 5 minutes, but it could be an integral part that some couples may be missing. There are some popular topics that couples can introduce when they start pillow talk. This has helped many vent their frustrations and express their needs…


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Drug Talk: 5 Habits That Can Ruin Teens

Illicit drug use is an unfortunate, and scary, reality for a number of young adults in American society. Not only are our teenagers being exposed to more potent substances than ever before, but they are being more frequently approached to experiment with such substances by their participating peers.

With an increasing severity of this recent epidemic, there are a number of signs and behaviors that teens are taking part in that have been reported…


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Six Signs You Need To Visit A Dentist ASAP!

Dental health is an important part of your overall health. Regular visits to the dentist can help to preserve your teeth and ensure your ability to consume the right foods for good nutrition. Regular visits can also help to prevent dental emergencies that can occur. If you experience…


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Acne Treatment achieved through acne extraction – get to medical practitioner

Many people acclaim that acne extraction is the same process which we usually do at our homes, just squeeze the pimples with unclear nails and increase the chances of bacterial attack! However, the fact is quite different from your assumptions because the acne extraction has been understood as an effective tool to remove and treat the acne breakouts. Usually, acne extraction may be referred to as the process of Acne Treatment done by a professional or medical expert with the use of…


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What is Your Breastfeeding Mindset?

You either have a fixed breastfeeding mindset, or a growth breastfeeding mindset.

Fixed Breastfeeding…


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The Unexpected Benefits of Video Games for All Ages

Well beyond the financial benefits accrued by video games producers, manufactures and event planners which have outstripped the music industry and are closing in behind the movie industry, video games and applications of game thinking offer unexpected benefits for people of every age.

Video Games Go Mainstream

Long considered the domain of…


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Sun Safety for Women

In general, women are more concerned about tanning their bodies on a regular basis compared to men, mainly because of cosmetic perceptions. This tanning habit, however, makes the skin more…


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7 Tips for a Long and Youthful Life

Aging doesn’t just involve the way we look. It affects the way we feel, the way we function, and the way we live.

At 50, 40, or 30, women may start to feel less attractive and more fatigued by the never-ending demands of life and the pull of gravity and stress. On the other hand, there are women in their 70s and 80s who are still exercising and socializing, and look absolutely stunning.

The success of those women is…


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Breastfeeding Must Be Comfortable AND Effective

In my opinion, there is no right or wrong way to breastfeed.  If it is comfortable and it is effective, it is right.

What does that mean?

Well, all doctors and nurses seem to care about is if it is effective.  Meaning, is the baby getting enough to eat? Of course that is important…


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Curve Appeal: Do Men Know Something about Women’s Bodies That Women Don’t?

History can tell you that men love a woman with curves in all the right places. Attraction isn't a thing that's determined by one's preference. It's determined by a man's natural instincts. Woman who have curvier bodies tend to possess a larger amount of omega 3 fatty acid DHA, which is a key element of a developing child's brain. Men don't have a choice whether or not they prefer the body of a curvy woman. A man's instincts attract him to the women who would be better baby makers, (women…


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Surprising Facts About Female Orgasms

There are some surprising and little known facts about female orgasms that are beginning to make headlines. For example, many women did not know that having an orgasm has health benefits, along with feeling sensational. This fact and others like it are causing the topic of orgasms to become more common in conversations. Which in turn means more women are achieving orgasms every day.

Have an Orgasm Instead of Aspirin:

One wonderful benefit of having the big O is…


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