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Could My Child Be Depressed? Important Answers

While we often associate depression with the teen years, the recognition and treatment of depression in children is more easily overlooked.

  • She’s a kid—she’ll grow out of it.
  • He’s just moody–don’t make a big thing out of it.
  • It’s just a stage.

According to Dr. Deborah Serani, author of the new book,…


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Chicken and Wild Rice Butternut Squash Soup

Hi All,


I hope you are doing wonderfully well. The fall season is slowly, but surely, nearing its end. As I look out my window and write this post, I contemplate the combination of orange, burgundy, and yellow leaves falling from trees. You know what that means! The holiday season with family, friends, and relatives is just around the corner. It is during…


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Painful Sex? How to Relieve Vaginal Dryness

Many women suffer in silence during painful sex, unaware that there are treatment options for vaginal dryness, and its effects are far-reaching.

Vaginal dryness affects a woman’s health, intimate relationships and quality of life. I know because it affected my health and love life.

It occurs most…


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Speedminton - Fun game to lose weight!

Hi everybody!

I recently discovered this new game and I love it. It´s easy to learn, an simple workout and makes so much fun. It´s called Speedminton and is a mix of Tennis and Badminton. Two (or four) opponents facing each other, each defending their “side” or “scoring area” while trying to score on their opponents. But unlike Tennis and Badminton Speedminton does not have a net in between the scoring areas. So you don´t need to carry around that much equipment. So all you need is…


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Weight Loss (7 Easy Steps)

By Patience Lusamba

Hi All,

I hope, you agree with me that we are A-list actors in our own production where we alone reserve the right to choose the direction to follow. We, me included, are guilty of worrying about our weight and body image because women across the globe struggle with this issue due to limited knowledge, inadequate support and resources, making it difficult to fully understand the issue. The media certainly don’t help.  Yes ladies!  I…


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The Health Insurance Exchange: Is It Right for You?

You've likely heard about the health insurance exchanges, or marketplaces, in the news recently. But do they apply to you? Dr. Darria tackles the exchanges and some other questions related to the Obamacare. Read the full article on HealthyWomen.org.

For more information…


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The First Recurrence

Everyone assumes that receiving a cancer diagnosis is the most shocking, frightening, upsetting and life-changing news you can get. But I can think of a worse diagnosis: recurrence.

In a recent Oncology Times column titled The First Recurrence, I…


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