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Tips for Surviving the Holiday Eating Frenzy


OK, we've survived the Thanksgiving feast, but most of us aren't home free when it comes to the holiday eating season. There are fried latkes for Hanukkah and all manner of parties and…


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Have a merrier holiday with less stress

Women often feel the most pressure to plan, shop, cook, decorate and coordinate seasonal rituals, gifts, mailings and parties. We try to do too much, for too many people, in too little time.

There are good health reasons to avoid holiday stress. Women suffer stress-induced depression more often than men and are more likely to experience depression from seasonal affective disorder caused by reduced daylight. Research also shows that death rates peak across the United States in December…


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Facing Thanksgiving When You’re Thankful – But Not Happy!

While many will sit down on Thursday to share some version of the traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner, they may well be thankful, but they may not be happy.

John Lennon tells us that “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

The holidays may come each year at a predictable time, but loss, illness, hardship and war have a terrible sense of timing. Regardless of what you see in the media, read in the cards or assume is true about others, lots of…


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Thanksgiving Leftovers

For many of us, Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday that overstays it's welcome in the fridge.  Whether it's the turkey that never seems to run out or veggies that we just can't face again, what can we do with the leftovers.

HealthyWomen has a few suggestions for you:

One of the best parts of Thanksgiving may be enjoying the dinner leftovers.

The U.S. Food…


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Vaginal Atrophy - Do You Have It?

I have it, my Mom has it, most of my girlfriends have it, their daughters may get it, and our partners will be affected by it.

Vaginal atrophy will affect many women as they age.  According to the North…


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Family Traditions

It's such a special time of the year, a time that makes me miss my mother terribly. The comfort I do have are the memories we made together and the traditions that she taught me, that I now carry on and share with my children. If I could talk to each parent and tell them how important these traditions are…


Added by Hannah Lovell on November 12, 2012 at 1:30pm — 1 Comment

Reduce The Impact of Disaster: A Simple Guide to Psychological First Aid

Nationally and internationally, the most endorsed response in the early aftermath of a disaster is Psychological First Aide.  Used by those responding to disasters, it is a set of guidelines that you can learn to use for yourself and others.

Just as knowing certain aspects of Medical First Aid can help you…


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The easy way to get diabetes!

That's right!  Blogger Sheryl Kraft wants to tell you over twenty easy ways to receive a diabetes diagnosis.  Her top then include:

  • Eat lots of processed foods.
  • Keep your…

Added by Purple on November 8, 2012 at 11:30am — 1 Comment

Smart Tips for Donating to Hurricane Sandy Efforts

This weekend I spent a good portion of my Sunday enjoying the warmth of my house, my family's company and football.  My husband and I had a more full house than usual, my utility-less family members from NJ had come to stay for a few days. They still had no power after many days, and in our very good fortune, our part of PA came out of the storm largely unscathed. During a football game there was a commercial to donate to the Red Cross, I didn't hesitate to take out my phone and text in my…


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Simple Baby Accident Prevention Tips

Having two children under two, I have learned (the hard way sometimes) that keeping these little guys safe, is a job! They are constantly pulling up on furniture, putting things in their mouths and the list goes on. Keeping my babies safe is job one when it comes to being a mom and it was learning about one of the top…


Added by Hannah Lovell on November 3, 2012 at 11:55pm — 2 Comments

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