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Holiday Shopping Survival: Tips for Healthy Eating

For millions of Americans, holiday shopping season shifts into high gear on Thanksgiving weekend. If you're one of the many who will be battling jam-packed parking lots, long lines and tense crowds, you may want to make sure you have some holiday shopping survival tips up your sleeve.

 Franci Cohen, a New York City certified nutritionist, exercise physiologist and fitness trainer, has some tips on how to eat healthfully and maintain your energy level while shopping for the…


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How Family Members Can Deter Addiction In Adolescents

Families are the people who know teens the best. It is important that teens know that their families will always provide them with unconditional love and are available to them for open discussions. Families need to remember that teens are going through their own periods of turmoil and change both physical and hormonal which makes life a little complicated for them. During these trying times, they may be tempted to venture down the wrong path and without the love, guidance and support of…


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4 Reasons Why You Should Do Sports With Your Kids

 Do you remember your first childhood sporting steps?

Ready for sports? Photo credit: FrankGuido / / CC BY-NC

Many of us have stressful or unpleasant memories of doing physical exercises or sports when young on account of…


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What do you DREAM of?


Greetings from beautiful Cleveland Ohio! After living here for 8 years, this city will always be home. 

I left Cleveland 3 years ago to go to graduate school in Positive Psychology, pursue my dreams of being a …


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3 Easy Ways to Eat More Vegetables

You’ve heard it before: “Eat more vegetables.” Maybe your mother always pleaded: “Eat your vegetables.” Food writer Michael Pollan boils down his nutrition advice to: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants”, in his book In Defense of Food. What’s so great about vegetables? Researchers in study after study find health benefits from eating more vegetables, like reducing your risk of cancer and chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes and obesity. Vegetables are chock full of…


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Make Your Way to the Fuller and Luscious Lips

Truth on ways to get beautiful plumped lips:

Not all women are blessed with fuller, pouty lips that look beautiful. Thin lips make your look ugly and degrade your overall appearance. Nowadays most women want to look prettier and more beautiful so they are in quest for effective ways to enhance fuller, pouty and plumped lips. This article discuss on different ways to make the lips fuller and luscious.

What are the…


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Discipline Can Limit Drug Consumption in Teens

A 2013 study confirmed that correcting disruptive behavior in young children can play a significant role in decreasing their teenage alcohol and drug use. This study consisted of boys from low income families in the Montreal area, all of whom have disruptive behavior that started as early as kindergarten.

Approximately one fourth of the group participated…


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Your Hour-by-Hour Thanksgiving Survival Guide

There’s a lot to enjoy about Thanksgiving, but feeling stressed isn’t one of them. Neither is that bloated feeling you get after stuffing yourself with holiday foods. This year, here are some hour-by-hour survival tips to help you ride out the day feeling more relaxed and less over-stuffed.

The night before: Get a full night’s rest. Thanksgiving can be chaotic, and a lack of sleep will take its toll. If your mind continues to race after you close your eyes, try taking…


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Pre-Birth Milestones to Track

The nine months leading up to birth are the first interactions you have with your new baby, and whether it’s your first pregnancy or your fifth, each pregnancy you experience will have unique facets to it. Utilizing an online baby journal is a great way to document your pregnancy experience, and allows you to look back over each pregnancy and see how much your body, mind and life changed throughout it. As you document your pregnancy, keep an eye out for these different pre-birth milestones…


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How Family Members Can Deter Addiction in Adolescents

Drug and alcohol addictions in either men or women are major problem for their love ones. It can be even harder as a teenager. In that case family can help prevent drug and alcohol addiction by maintaining strong and unified bonds. Because at that time only family support gives them a huge strength to recover and being sober.

Every-day, teenagers go through a verity of emotions which make them confuse and unsure about themselves. Family can be the first line of defense for them in…


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An Interesting Way of Increasing Female Sexual Desire

A recent cover of the New York Times Book Review invites, “ Let’s Read about Sex.”

For the 30-40 million women who seek help for lowered sexual desire…that may be a good idea.

  • Lowered sexual desire is the number one sexual complaint of women of all ages.
  • In most cases, women remember feeling differently and…

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9 Tips on How to Make Grow Longer Eyelashes

Are you set to bat your eyelashes? Most of you might wish to have longer and upturned lashes. They make your eyes look bigger and give you youthful appearance. The length of lashes is dependent on genes. There are many factors that affect the shape, length and thickness of the lashes.

Here are…


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How to Handle It When Your Child Won’t Sleep in the Dark

Every child has their own unique sensitivities. One child may act shy when introduced to new people, while another child may dislike getting dirty. If your child is sensitive to darkness, you can rest assured that she is not alone.

Sensitivity to darkness is often thought of as a fear, and can easily become a fear when children’s emotions about being in and sleeping in the dark are not taken seriously. This issue can stem from many things. Educators commonly note that…


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Live Love Inspire

Live a vibrant, healthy life. Do something important for you and your loved ones.Grow and prosper accomplishing your hopes and dreams. While enhancing the lives of others to reach their own goals. I want everyone to live in a world free of harmful toxins. Offering you a balanced life of endless benefits and rewards. Visit my site at

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Grin and Bear It?? Should You Smile Even if You Don't Feel Like It??

We all know that when we feel happy, we naturally smile. We can't even help it.  An adorable puppy makes a cute face, or you see an old, dear friend approach, or you stand in awe of nature's beauty, your mouth turns upward in a smile and you feel good.

The question is - how can we make…


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