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Your baby will change, make sure you change too.

This is #3 of the “10 Pitfalls to Breastfeeding Enjoyment”


Just when you think you have that kid figured out, she goes and changes it up on you.  Frustrating! But, she is a person after all and people change.

What new stage is your baby in? What new stage are you in?  What may need to change in your breastfeeding relationship to help you enjoy it…


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Here’s a Sneaky Idea For Curing Joint Pain

As if joint pain wasn’t enough on its own, many of the remedies out there for curing it are incredibly unpleasant. Some of the pills and supplements can cause an upset stomach, the creams smell like a medicine cabinet, and the garments either don’t work or are uncomfortable to wear. Copper Wear is different in that it is a garment that looks stylish, fits…


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How to make your romantic dinner divine

Going for a dinner to a restaurant is something every couple should do from time to time. We often get caught in crossfire of our everyday work duties and total exhaustion, which is not actually the best condition for going to a restaurant. If we do not manage to do it when we are still in good shape, it will not be worth anything once we enter the old age. Here are some ideas for keeping your relationship an intriguing story through romantic dinners.


Home-made Italian…


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Vaginal Dryness In Young Women

Women usually have very little trouble becoming aroused and "wet" before sexual intercourse. But when a woman does, this is often called vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness can happen in women of all ages, young or old. However, it more commonly happens in women over 40 years old, usually due to menopause. When vaginal dryness occurs in younger women, it can be somewhat of a problem, especially if they are sexually active.

What is meant by vaginal dryness?



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Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones

When Christmas comes around it is really to get what everyone of your loved ones wishes. There are gifts though that you can give to almost anyone when it is time to surprise your close ones. It is important to know that gifts are not about size nor about the cost, but that the thought is what counts; which is why in most cases it is better to opt for personalised Christmas gifts. Just make sure that you pay attention to what your loved ones like to do for hobbies, and…


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What Is the Best Time of Day to Have Sex?

It is not uncommon for couples to occasionally wonder if sex is better at a certain time of day. While most men and women can become aroused any time they are alone with their partner, it is normal to wonder if sex would be more stimulating if it had occurred early or later in the day. Even though sex therapists state that there really isn't a "best time" to have sex, there are some factors that can affect your sexual performance and the experience you have that often depend on the time of…


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Characteristics of a Successful Pediatric Nurse

While the medical field is among the most challenging professions, and each healthcare professional faces very real and difficult challenges, it takes a special kind to be a pediatric nurse. Not only does it require technical skill, the right temperament, and a propensity for patient-centered care, but there is a certain level of resolve that is necessary to do the job well. Having…


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How to Clean Your Delicate Lingerie

Quite simply, lingerie is as gentle as the parts of body it covers and it should be treated with the same care and attention. After all, when you finally find and bought the perfect item you want to make sure that it lasts as long as possible. Hopefully, you will follow our simple advice on the matter and see for yourself how proper care prolongs the life of your delicate underwear.


The first thing you have to decide on is whether you will do…


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How Does Anxiety or Depression Cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can often be linked to certain psychological disorders, and the condition affects the colon or large intestine. It can cause you to have a bowel movement more frequently or less often, and is often accompanied by stomach pain. Even though there are several factors that can cause IBS, it is commonly associated with anxiety and depression. While researchers know that IBS and these psychological disorders are linked they are not sure if the syndrome causes anxiety…


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Holiday Shopping and the Question – Am I a Shopaholic?

Recently someone asked me this question and while the topic may not seem “politically correct” as we usher into the holiday shopping season, it is an important one to consider.  Black Friday, Cyber Monday,and Small Business Saturday etc., intensify and legitimize the extremes of shopping for most shoppers. For some, however, the media hype and urgent invitation to begin Holiday Shopping is a situational trigger for Addictive Shopping.

How do you know if you are a…


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Nipple Vasospams: It’s a tit bit nipply out there!

s the weather gets colder, nipple pain increases. Why? Because when your nipples get hard, the muscles contract, which decreases the amount of blood flow to the tips of your nips!  Less oxygen means more pain, kind of like a charley horse or a runner’s cramp.

This is called vasospasm, also known as Raynaud’s phenomenon.

Vasospasm most often occurs in one of two situations:

  • You have a previous diagnosis of Raynaud’s phenomenon in another part of your body. This…

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How To Fight Anxiety And Depression During Pregnancy

During a time that is supposed to be one of the happiest, many women struggle with symptoms of depression and anxiety. Women who have already been diagnosed with anxiety or depression may find their symptoms worsening, and those who haven't been diagnosed may find these…


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Over 30? What Hormone Changes to Expect as You Age

Puberty, Pregnancy and Menopause aren't the only major changes that occur in a woman's body over the years. Even though those changes are very significant in a woman's life, sometimes we forget about the more subtle and gradual changes that occur over time. Although we think that our bodies remain pretty much the same after we make it through the teen years, our hormones cause plenty of changes through our 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. Read on to get a better idea of what your body will be going…


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The Warning Isn’t Enough!

Can Big Drug Companies sit back and push any drug they want to market as long as they put the warnings on the label?

For decades now the giant drug manufacturing companies have been battling it out in court with injured patients, the government, and insurance companies.  These cases were the result of drugs which were alleged to cause horrific side effects and even numerous deaths. However over the last ten years a good deal of these cases have subsided as a result of the “black…


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The Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

Hot tubs

Everybody loves to soak in hot tubs, and not just because it is a great pastime activity. Spas, which literally mean health from water, use hot tubs because it is great for your overall health. Although many hot tubs include different minerals or certain additives in their waters, the main idea is the same, hot water.…


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How Fashion Has Developed

We are all witnesses how, in the wake of this young century, there are certain changes in the way we live, work, dress and love. Inevitably speaking, technology is looking outward for advancement and people are starting to look inward again for their own advancement. We would all like to be ‘a man of million talents’, which is impossible, but still we are aiming towards everyday self improvement and with each new day, you are a better version of yourself. On some aspects you ought to work…


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Most Shocking Myths and Truths about Lash Extensions

People with short eyelashes are often looking for ways to make their eyes stand out. There are many different type of eyelash extensions that are used to help a person look like they have long eye lashes. No all extensions are made the same. There are some common myths about eyelash enhancers that need to be set straight.…


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Abby’s Story Part 2: The Crazy Banshee gets 2 Sisters!

Of course, by this time I was a nursing pro.  I was worried about a lot of things in anticipation of the girls’ arrival, but breastfeeding wasn’t one of them.  When Norah and Cecily arrived at 35 weeks and landed themselves in the NICU, I started pumping like a lunatic.  I tracked everything in an app on my phone – it was a sorry excuse for cuddling my newborns but I was proud to see my production increase and when the bab

ies were “cleared” to nurse I was more than ready for them.…


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Keep Your Bones In Top Condition

If you are a woman heading into your late forties or early fifties, it is time to start thinking about the condition and health of your bones. As more and more women are ending up with conditions like osteoporosis, it is perhaps time to begin examining what you can do to keep your…


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How Technology is Changing the Healthcare System

With the growth in healthcare technology and the access to genetic, environmental and clinical information for patients, Technology has truly changed the nature of personalized healthcare.  In the not too distant past, healthcare professionals lacked the information necessary for truly personalized care. Instead, they adhered to a set of best practices and provided…


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