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Do the Holidays Make You Feel Family Bonds or Family Binds?

While many may aspire to a Hallmark Holiday Season, the reality is that the holiday season involves real people in real families doing the best that they can do.

Most families are a group of related people of different ages with a mix of personalities, needs, feelings and expectations. They may be a nuclear family, an extended family, a reconstituted family or a blended family. In any case, they share an identity…


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Let's Raise a Toast to Health

Cheers to the holidays! But before we get carried away, here are some tips on holiday drinkin g and health.

You may have heard that…


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The Senseless Loss in Newtown: Talking About Death and Dying

As an adult, it is almost impossible to make sense of last Friday's senseless killing of young, innocent lives. So, just imagine how children feel that hear about this. They attend schools and this tragedy seems to a child to be very possible in their school. While security…


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HELP! I want curves but I can't seem to gain weight...

If this sounds familiar to you, keep reading...

Most Women Want Curves

Unless you’re getting paid to walk a runway or pose for Vogue, you may not be happy with your super-skinny physique. Women who struggle with being overweight may think this is absurd, but we all need to understand that skinny women want sexy, feminine curves just like the rest of us. I have heard pleas from thousands of underweight women around the world who suffer from an overactive metabolism and…


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How can you eat healthier during the holidays?

HealthyWomen has some tips for how to eat healthier during the holidays

Enjoy the holidays and all of the delicious foods without gaining weight.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics…


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Congratulations to our gift card winner!

For the last few weeks, we’ve given you the opportunity to win a Visa gift card.  Members were entered when they invited at least ten friends to join the HealthyWomen Community.  The contest ended yesterday and I’m excited to announce that…


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What To Do When Your Holidays Will Never Be The Same Again

Are you facing the season with dread this year because some event has changed your holidays forever? Perhaps the loss of a loved one has left a large hole in your family portrait, or the loss of a home has removed the setting that gave you all such security. Or perhaps, like me, you have recently gone through a divorce.

A single traumatic event can change every…


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A Closer Look At Why Married Women Have Affairs

We have once again been faced with a high profile marriage scandal. This time the lovers included the CIA director, a married and much decorated military officer and his biographer, a married women, herself an Army Reserve intelligence officer.

What is predictable is the media focus on the man. In this case the articles addressed the question of military code of conduct, possibility of security breaches, the explanation of male infidelity in terms of power and narcissism, and the…


Added by Dr. Suzanne B. Phillips on December 11, 2012 at 12:59am — 1 Comment

Quick Emergency Treatment

I have a friend who is a nurse and I asked her the other day why on earth it is that EVERY time we visit the ER, the wait is at least an hour - no matter what time of day or day of the week it is, you're gonna wait a long time. She explained that it didn't matter and told me that I…


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Simple Holiday Cooking Swaps

How many years in a row has it been your New Year's resolution to lose weight? Here are some easy cooking swaps to battle the traditional holiday weight gain.

  • Butter, margarine or oil: try the same amount of chicken broth
  • Heavy cream or half and half: try…

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