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Micro-needling Therapy: How Effectively Can It Help Treat Facial

Dermaroller is a medical invention used to stimulate skin cells to proliferate by micro needling. It differs from other skin renewal techniques since it works on the principle of new tissue formation. Dermaroller is very effective in lightening the scars of acne or other injuries. To find out more about its effectiveness, read after the break.…


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What’s in a Name? Vaginal Atrophy Rebranded

As a health advocate for menopausal women, I often see uncomfortable responses when I mention “vaginas,” from excessive feet tapping and unnecessary shifts in body position to painful grimaces. Even the word “menopause” evokes a squirm encouraging a change of subject. Combine these two words…


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Holiday Shopping or Compulsive Shopping: A Painful Difference

 The Holidays bring with them the joy of giving and the need to shop for the right gift for the right person. For the some 18 million compulsive shoppers, however, the holiday is but one more trigger to an addiction that ultimately brings far more pain than joy.

Who are the Compulsive Shoppers?

According to April Lane Benson author of To Buy or Not to Buy, compulsive shoppers can be…


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How to Defend Yourself During a Home Invasion

Many people are concerned about keeping their families safe. While the chances of a home invasion vary depending on a number of factors, such as location, and local crime rates, it is always a good idea to be prepared. There are some specific ways to defend yourself from such an attack.…


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5 of the best yoga apps for under 5 bucks

There are countless reasons for you to do yoga. It improves overall health, it's great for toning the muscles and promotes weight loss, just to name a few. On top of that, it requires virtually no equipment and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Even time can be no excuse as you can practice it just 15-30 minutes a day and still reap its amazing benefits.

If you are wondering where to begin or just need some inspiration, let technology help you once more. Give some of these…


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Tis The Season

I do not know what it is about the holidays... and that internal voice that gives us permission to indulge -- go ahead have dessert it's the holidays, it's okay if you don't work out today it's the holidays...but I have to say I think I LOVE it.  Today, started off as one of those days that I wanted to rewind and start over. The baby up at 5:00am, my reaching up for the coffee mug only to have one come crashing down on the floor in a million pieces, low on milk, coffee and other essentials.…


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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Cutting through the Crap about Birth Control

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Cutting through the Crap about Birth Control

Finding the right birth control can be stressful—the choices seem endless and the medical information is often overwhelming.  Rather than try to sift through the rubble to find the facts (which can be frustrating)—I have pulled together a few of the most common birth control fallacies and debunked them in order to help you reach an educated, stress-free decision.

  • It Won’t Happen to Us…

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What Doctors Don't Tell You: Healthy Habits That Aren't Really Healthy

Your doctor is a great source of information, but some of the suggestions they give you for good health may not actually be healthy. For example, brushing your teeth right after eating, can actually cause damage. You should also know the dangers of overexercising and using medical equipment incorrectly. Here are some health tips not normally disclosed to us.…


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Fun Mementos to Record During Pregnancy

You know all about the basic milestones to record during pregnancy – when you found out you were pregnant, the first time you heard the baby’s heartbeat, when you first started feeling the baby kick – but there are a whole lot of fun things you encounter on a day to day basis that make each pregnancy unique. These things are things that can take you back to a particular moment during pregnancy years down the road, and are fun to document in your baby’s online journal. As you go through your…


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Restaurant Right: Best Ways to Advertise Your Food

The restaurant industry is a hard business anywhere. A restaurant may have tasty food and great atmosphere. However, if customers don’t learn about it, that restaurant may still fail. Thankfully, there are affordable methods for advertising your eatery. Below are a few strategies you can use.…


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The Value of Recognizing Your Own Resiliency: Strategies

I was recently in a shop with a friend when a young man in his late twenties came in to get his hair cut. Friendly and likeable he was amusing the hairdresser with some stories of his birthday. It was not until he struggled to get the money out of his wallet, that I realized his hand was quite deformed. I was so struck by this positive young man that I said to my friend, “ I love his resilience.” I was very surprised when my friend replied, “ I envy it.”  

Given that she had managed a…


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Helpful Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

The holidays are fast approaching. They are often accompanied by stress and the temptation to overindulge. The editors of have been hard at work compiling tips and tricks to take proper care of yourself during the busy season.


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