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Effective diet plan for weight loss to get a perfect body

Staying fit and healthy is the need of the hour. Losing those extra kilos with the help of a healthy diet and weight loss tips will boost your metabolism. When it comes to losing weight, you need to consume fewer calories and burn a little more. But if you are planning to drop a few pounds instantly, remember that the fancy diet plans for weight loss don't work in the long run. Indulge in a healthy diet plan for weight loss with the best expert tips that will help you lose weight quickly and…


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Sex Advice: The Secret To Better Sex In The New Year

The secret to better sex in the New Year is in an integrated relationship. This type of relationship combines an open communication, mutual decision making plans, and a physical/sexual contact that increases both of your erotic energies. These three components must all be working together for a…


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5 Common Skincare Myths

Your skin is not just your protective layer against your environment but a lot more than that. You are correct to say that your skin protects you from harsh temperature or harsher sun rays, or in general is a flexible wall defending your internals. But the functions of the skin go beyond its aesthetic value, because it also a complex system of nerves, glands and cell layers. Some of these core functions include producing of antibacterial substances, Vitamin D…


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Four Reasons Why You Should Work At Home While Pregnant

Pregnancy can make the most active person feel constantly exhausted. That does not relieve them of their financial responsibilities, so expectant mothers often find themselves conflicted on whether to continue working or cut down on hours. The option of working from home has come as a relief to many hardworking people who find themselves unable to leave the house. Pregnancy can be a great time to explore working from home. If you are considering this option, read on to learn about the many…


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Yoga in Rishikesh

What to Expect as a Beginner at Yoga

 The selection of different means of exercise these days vary in so many different levels and choosing one over another can create a level of confusion especially for beginners and individuals who are not too familiar with the variety of programs and training regimens.

 For those who feel the need to exercise but at the same time also incorporate stress relief and not be too involved in rigorous and difficult physical…


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Google at Your Own Risk: Breastfeeding & the Internet

I got this email from Tory, new mom to 3 week old Norah. Now, keep in mind that Tory came to Breastfeeding Support Group 4 days prior and was doing fantastic.

Hi Katie

I am worried that I actually do have a Hindmilk/ foremilk problem.  Norah has been eating for about 10 minutes on both breasts lately.  I had been noticing that her poop is turning dark and green…


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10 myths about contraception

There are perhaps more myths surrounding sex and contraception than any other medical subject. People are often embarrassed to discuss these issues with medical professionals, and this can leave them vulnerable to a range of misunderstandings. 

Also, the sheer number of contraceptive options now…


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The Wolfberry Extract made of Drink

Many people may like drinking medlar bubble drink in the winter. And they think that it either can tonic body directly and save money. Meanwhile, they also believe that the medlar bubble drink is equipped with a variety of effects and functions. Actually, some people often add the wolfberry extract to some drinks.…


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How to Get Rid of Holiday Fat

Let’s face it – we all tend to get slightly immoderate with fatty food and sweets over the winter holidays, and we often regret it bitterly after the damage has already been done. It’s admittedly hard to resist the delicious mouthfuls and scrumptious bites at the holiday banquet, but that…


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4 Ways to Protect your Skin from Sun Damage

UV (ultraviolet) radiation to which you’re exposed in an in-door tanning salon or on the beach can in many ways be harmful for your skin. Medical professionals have been talking about the risks of unprotected sun bathing for years, frequently pointing to health risks it could bring.…


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Pharmacological Activities of Luteolin Supplements

Luteolin supplements are the important nutrition for human body and treatment for many kinds of disease. It has a long using history in traditional Chinese medicine. Doctors and researchers have made a lot of pharmacological researches and clinical experiments on its pharmacological activities.…


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Apricot, a Kind of Vitamin B17 Sources

In our ordinary life, vitamin b17 comes to be more and more popular and the apricot we known is the most common kind of vitamin b17 sources.

Apricot is rosaceae plant which includes the kernel of apricot tree and…


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Work-related stress and how to cope with it

There are many reasons that could cause work-related stress, but almost none of them are that hard to deal with if you approach the problem calmly and use the technique that suits your personality well. The most frequent sources for these problems are a dull job, low salaries, enormous amounts…


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10 Things Every Girl Expects from Her Man

Introduction: What Every Girl Expects From Her Man?

What makes women happy? Believe it or not, it tends to be the little things that make women the most satisfied in relationships. The long standing joke among men, is that they never know what a woman expects from him. Often, for women it is the little things that mean the most to them. For starters, here are 10 things every girl expects from her man.

After Sex Cuddling…


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The At-Home Dad Solution

For many families, having a parent home full-time with young children is a priority. It's common to see families where mom stays home and dad works outside of the home. However, in an increasing number of families, it's the woman who is earning more money, has better benefits and a brighter future for advancement. This might explain the nearly double increase in the number of …


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Treat Sleep Apnea with the help of Home sleep study Cincinnati

Polysomnography is the word referring to the home sleep study in Cincinnati or in any part of the world that helps in the sleep apnea treatment Cincinnati and other sleep disorders. This study is conducted in a sleep lab. The patient is required to spend the night in-lab and the polysomnography (PSG) equipment records the…


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Be A Happy Couple - Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Relationship Instantly

Healthy Relationships

All relationships, whether old or new, need an update. Relationships need a reprisal of intimacy, improved communications, and more. To help you keep your relationship in tip top shape, here are 10 ways to improve your relationship. Throw away those male enhancement products and male enhancement pills and try the following:

Work Out Together

Exercising together creates better interaction in bed. When couples…


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How you do everything is how you breastfeed: What is your breastfeeding personality?

This is #6 of the “10 Pitfalls to Breastfeeding Enjoyment”


Have you ever heard the expression how you do anything is how you do everything?  Meaning, the way you are with money, you are that same way with cleaning, eating and working.

Let’s use me as an example, because I have no issues telling you everything personal about me (and I am like that in every aspect of…


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How To Remain Active And Mobile With A Foot Or Ankle Injury

Getting a knee or a foot injury can be a serious issue, and as you get older, it becomes harder and harder to heal from it. If you have been dealing with an injury of this sort, you may be a little worried about…


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Relieving Menopausal Symptoms with Herbs and Natural Nutrients

If you’re a supplement business owner, you’re always looking out for products you can add to your line. Here’s something to think about.

Every woman will go through a stage of menopause between the ages of 40 to 59. According to the Centers for…


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