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Eyewear Trends - What's New for 2016

It seems we’re ‘going back to the future,’ in bold. Eyewear is going big and brave, with lots of emphasis on color. The looks are reminiscent of the 50s, the 60s, maybe the 70s and 80s; and they’re also futuristic. Confused? Well, it’s not really so perplexing as much as it is sheer entertainment – both for the wearers and those watching them!


Old styles are in vogue – again – but they’ve been tweaked a bit.…


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What is Medical Negligence?

You are usually required to start a compensation claim within three years of the date of your injury or of the date when you first discovered that your injury was the result of clinical or medical negligence. It's crucial to get expert legal advice as soon as possible after the clinical/medical negligence took place. This will mean the proper steps can be taken to investigate your case fully at the earliest opportunity. Some evidence relies on memory, and it's always best…


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What Is Alkaline Juicing?

Alkaline juicing is the best thing that can happen to your body, alkaline juice can be made from organic products like fruits and vegetables which are put in a juicer machine and blended. Alkaline juice has a lot to offer when it comes to cleansing the body, regulating body PH, weight loss and maintaining good health of the body. With the present day industrialization and population growth, our bodies come in contact with toxins directly from the environment, toxins from the kind of life we…


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Eye Health Basics: What You Need To Know

Your eyes are very important and need to be cared for like the rest of your body. Taking care of your eyes means being aware of the hazards and risks you are likely encounter every day. Here are some of the basics of eye health that you need to know.

Wear Sunglasses When Outside

It is…


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How I (Sort Of) Shrunk My Stomach

It is true that it is physically impossible to shrink the stomach. That is, unless you have most of it sliced off, like in gastric sleeve surgery. However, from my own experience (and some added research), it is possible to teach one’s stomach to crave healthier and less.

Unfortunately, this is no personal statistics-based post--I have never truly dieted in my life, and did not…


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Is There A Link Between Food Allergy And Joint Pain?

A food allergy occurs when our bodies immune reacts to various types of foods, this depends on the food and immune system of the person since we react differently. Joint pain is caused by any harm on the joint causing aching, inflammation and pain; joint pain complications such as arthritis have…


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What You Need to Know About the Different Types of Hearing Loss

As one of the five senses that humans rely on daily, you likely use your hearing all the time to get through your day without ever thinking about it. While many people will name their eyesight as their most important sense, in reality it is your hearing that allows you to connect with your loved ones as well as other people on a deeper and more intimate level. Your hearing is a highly-complex sense that is devised of numerous elements which are…


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Everything You Need to Know about Urge Surfing

Urge surfing is the process of managing through the desire for some sort of negative addictive behavior, such as drinking, taking drugs, or other common addictions. It was coined by the renowned addictive sciences professor, the late Dr. G. Alan Marlatt of the University of Washington.

The approach has been proven to be successful in helping people overcome all types of addictive behavior, from substance abuse to shopping, from gambling to sex. Marlatt’s theory is that destructive…


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How Cinnamon Oil is a Solution to Many Ailments

Cinnamon is a spice that not only offers a rich flavour to foods, but is also very beneficial to our health.  Widely used in the kitchen, Cinnamon has many other uses and provides many benefits to health and treatment conditions. This article explains you some of the medicinal benefits…


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Menopause And Joint Pain- Is There A Connection Between Them?

During the menopause stage, there is a likelihood of suffering from joint and back pains. It is common among many women. Unfortunately, most women think that suffering joint and back pains at the stage is a must. Worse still, some doctors think the same. However, though there is a bigger risk for women to suffer bones and joints problems during menopause, there are some preventive methods or measures that help in reducing the risk and the occurrence of the problems and issues of the joints…


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5 Signs to Determine if You're Fertile

You think you are ready to have a baby, but are you physically ready for the changes that it comes with? Have you got the body to get and be pregnant? Here are the five signs that will help you determine if you are fertile or not. Let these tips be your guide to find out if you’re fertile enough to have a new baby.

Sign #1: You must have a very sensitive sense of smell.

Are you bothered by the smell of the pork with a lot of…


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5 Secrets to Trouble Free Menopause

Dealing with symptoms of menopause can be quite difficult for many women. Since menopause is something you can’t avoid, the best thing to do is to know how to tackle all aspects of this transition and go through it smoothly. The main purpose of this article is to help you do that. Here, you’ll find 5 useful tips for trouble-free menopause. Keep reading to find out.…


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Why Gym Gloves are a Must for Serious Trainers?

If you are a serious trainer, you know that wearing gym gloves is absolutely necessary. While some trainers get by without wearing gym gloves, you will be able to perform better if you use them. In fact, a lot of people swear by the effectiveness of their gloves. They would not even go to the gym and begin their workout routine if they do not have their gloves with them. This is how crucial these gloves are for trainers who take their workout routines seriously.

One of the main…


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5 best weight loss advice you’ve never heard

Among the things that contribute to the beauty of an individual is the physical figure. With excess weight good figure is never achieved. That is why people struggle so much with exercise and others even starving themselves to lower increase in weight. I know you are used to the common methods of reducing weight such as exercising and taking fruits and vegetables. Sometimes doing the same thing for a very long time can be very boring and you may lack the motivation to do.…


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Floatation Therapy: From experiment to a common modern usage.

An article by Roy Ellery

Floatation therapy is a practice commonly used in experimental sciences from the 1950's to the 1970's. It was inspired by visitors to the dead sea, the highest salinity water body in the world, this famous inland sea just outside of Israel contains so much salt concentrated in the water, that swimmers in this water do not sink, instead the water allows them to float effortlessly just by leaning backwards. A tourist attraction for hundreds of years…


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Treating Joint Pain Naturally during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, there are frequent joint pains especially around the hip joints due to the contractions in the uterus. A pregnant woman should not be under frequent…


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Treating the Delicate Chest and Neck Skin with Solvaderm

Many people take care of the skin on their faces and fewer even are diligent in applying cream and really focus on caring for the skin on their hands. The skin on the neck and chest are often referred to as ‘forgotten areas’ as many people skip those areas in their daily skin care routines. The skin on the chest is much thinner and more fragile than other areas of the body, but it is often subject to the same daily abuse as the face. There are products that can help treat…


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7 Sustainable Tips for a Healthier Home

You want to make your mark on the world, but not through waste in your home. By implementing sustainable living strategies, you can decrease your waste footprint while still enjoying the lifestyle you love. Try out these seven tips to improve the sustainability of your lifestyle. 

1. Reduce your waste. Instead of throwing things away, see how many of them can be recycled. Glass, plastic, and cardboard are a great place to start. Donate unused items instead of simply throwing…


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Snooze Away the Pounds: How Relaxation and Sleep Can Help Prevent Obesity

Obesity is a major villain in our fight for health and wellness. As America’s second leading cause of death in the under-70 age group (second only to tobacco use), obesity affects a huge and growing swath of the population, increasing American’s propensity to a wide range of chronic diseases and reducing quality of life. Obesity is linked to just about every common chronic condition, from the usual suspects like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease to cancer and dementia. Obese people…


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Common Eye Curler Mistakes

The main aim of curling the lashes is to make them appear longer, more plush and at the end of the day have that amazing look. They do make an immense difference, but that’s only if they are curled the correct way. Otherwise, what you end up with may not have been what you were looking for. Identifying the possible common eye curler mistakes that people often make will help you curl your eyelashes correctly and get the maximum benefits. You may not know you are making then…


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