10 Reasons That Show Sunscreen Is Everyone’s Need

For a lot of people, wearing sunscreen is more of a fashion trend and not a necessity. But if you were to take some time and read about what the sun does to the skin, you would immediately re-think your reasons for why you would need sunscreen. Everyone needs to wear sunscreen when going out and not just in the summer. The harmful UV rays are active in the cold season too, including when it is cloudy outside. So, keep on reading this article and find out more reasons why wearing sunscreen should be more than a fashion trend.

#1 The sun has become more powerful, as the ozone layer has thinned out

If you have read at least one scientific article about the harmful effects of the sun, you have probably read about the ozone layer not being as thick as it used to be. Well, this is not just hear-say, it is actually happening. And with the ozone layer depleting, we are more exposed to the sun and the harmful UV rays. So, this is a pretty good reason why everyone should look for and wear the best sunscreen.

#2 Protection against skin cancer

More and more young people are being diagnosed with skin cancer, with the prolonged or chronic exposure to the sun being among one of the primary risk factors. If you are still not terrified by the rising skin cancer rates, you should be. And, yes, sunscreen has been proven to reduce the risk of developing such problems, so you should definitely consider wearing it.

#3 Prevention of skin discoloration

While tanning might give you an interesting look, in time, it leads to an uneven skin tone. There are all sorts of blemishes that can affect your look, so you might want to think again before not wearing sunscreen. If you still want a little bit of color, you can choose a sunscreen lotion with a lower SPF. Just make sure you apply something on the skin.

#4 Reduced risk of premature aging

The constant exposure to the sun is one of the major factors that leads to premature aging. This is often seen in those who work in the open outdoors, representing an occupational hazard. Wearing sunscreen when going out in the open is one of the easiest measures that you can take, to reduce the risk of premature aging. And, yes, this is valid for both men and women, as the risk related to the sun exposure is the same.

#5 Protection for all skin types

Just because your skin is darker in color, this does not mean that you do not need protection against the sun. Yes, the risk of sunburns is more reduced in your case, but the risk of malignancy is present nonetheless. Everyone needs protection against the harmful UV rays, so be sure to take that into consideration. Search for a sunscreen lotion that is recommended for your skin type and you are set.

#6 Diversity of choices

Sunscreen is available as a lotion, spray and cream. It is recommended as a translucent foundation, praised for its matte finish and often presented with a moisturizing effect. There are sunscreen lotions that contain zinc and aluminum, substances that actually block the UV rays from penetrating the skin. So, choose something and wear sunscreen every day!

#7 Cloudy days need sunscreen too

You might be tempted to think that clouds protect you against the UV rays but, unfortunately, they are not. In fact, studies have shown that both UVA and UVB rays can penetrate the clouds and thus reach the skin. So, you need to wear sunscreen when it is cloudy outside as well.

#8 Cumulative sun damage

The more you expose yourself to the sun, the higher the risk of sun damage actually is. In the dermatology field, this is known as cumulative sun damage and it represents a high-risk factor for both premature aging and skin cancer. So, if you want to reduce this cumulative sun damage, you need to start applying sunscreen on a daily basis.

#9 UV rays penetrate the windshield of your car

While the windshield does not allow for the UVB rays to enter into the car, not the same thing can be said about the UVA rays. You need to wear sunscreen when driving your car, as the sun reflected through the windshield can do a lot of damage. If UVB rays are responsible for sunburns, it is the UVA rays that are responsible for premature aging and cancer.

#10 One single bottle can last for three years

Not only sunscreen is available at an affordable price but, stored right, it can last you for about three years. The one thing you have to pay attention to is the expiration date. As long as you store it in a cold place and watch out for it not to expire, you are good to go.




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