Every pregnancy is different and it has its happier and sadder days. However, you can actually feel good every day, but you will need to change a few habits and focus on creating new healthy ones.

Eat Well

You should have five or six well-balanced healthy meals each day. Your balanced diet should include at least five portions of fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. Also, you should intake plenty of wholegrain carbohydrates, including bread, rice and pasta and make them a basis of each of your meals. Lastly, your diet should include daily servings of protein in form of lean meat, eggs, nuts, pulses and fish.


In order to maintain healthy weight during pregnancy and work on your strength, you need to exercise regularly. Also, regular exercises will help you get back into shape after the delivery and you will significantly reduce daily stress. The best pregnancy exercises include, swimming, yoga, Pilates and brisk walking.

Shop for Shoes

You finally have an excuse to buy new shoes! However, don’t just settle for any shoes or for fancy ones. You will need something extremely comfortable since your feet will get swollen as the bump grows. Find shoes that make your feet feel comfortable and that offer good support. Also, don’t be afraid to buy one size bigger shoes, since your feet will need some extra space.

Take Supplements

Now that you’re doing everything for two, you will need the help of supplements in order to stay healthy and strong. You should rely on vitamin supplements, especially the ones for vitamin D so your baby will have healthy bones. Also, you should intake 400mcg of folic acid which reduces risks of baby developing neural tube defects. However, you can find plenty of supplements inside one product, for example consider Elevit products as they offer a wide range of different supplements for a healthy pregnancy.

Cut Out Alcohol

Since there is no way of knowing how much alcohol is safe for the growing baby, you should completely cut out alcohol during pregnancy. Also, it is especially important to cut out alcohol in the first trimester, since it can increase the risk of miscarriage.

Drink Less Caffeine

It is advisable to avoid or cut down on coffee, tea, cola and energy drinks. What is more, if you keep taking in big amounts of caffeine, you are increasing the risks of having a low-birth-weight baby.  Limit yourself on 200mg of caffeine a day and you and your baby will both be fine.

Stop Smoking

Smoking can cause various serious problems for both of you. These include the risks of miscarriage, low birth weight, premature birth and cot death. If you are a smoker, you should quit as soon as possible.

Get Rested

High levels of hormones and increased body weight will wear you down. That is why you should get as much rest as possible each day. However, sometimes you won’t be able to sleep at night since the extra weight is putting pressure on your back. However, regular exercises and massages will help your body relax and you will manage to get a good night sleep each day.

Practice Kegels

These simple exercises will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are important since they support your bowls, uterus and bladder. Also, Kegels can make the whole delivery easier and prevent later problems.

Regular Checkups

Lastly, regularly visit your gynecologist and midwife in order to make sure everything is alright. Regular ultra sound checkups, tracking weight and pieces of advice from the professionals will help you worry less and you will go through your pregnancy stress free.

Pregnancy puts plenty of pressure on your body, but there are many ways of making it way better. Adopt these healthy habits and both you and your baby will be happy, healthy and ready for the brighter future. 

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