Exercise doesn't have to be something that you dread doing every day. You know that in order to stay fit and to get the body you want, you must exercise. It should feel good to exercise, and it should be something that you look forward to. Here are some tips to help you find something that you would enjoy doing to make exercising something that is a fun event, instead of an obligation.

1.       Laughing classes

Yes, we are serious! 1 minute of laughing is the equivalent to 10 minutes on a rowing machine and let’s face it, it’s definitely going to be more fun that you would have in the gym.  The teacher will make you do funny things that you will laugh at. You will laugh a lot and have abs of steel in no time. There is also laughter yoga.

2.       Hula hooping

Whether you buy a hula hoop online and learn at home by watching YouTube videos, or you go to a class.  Hula hooping burns 420 calories an hour and you can entertain yourself using cool tricks and spins.

3.       Get a smartwatch

Using a smart watch is like having a personal trainer with you wherever you go, always encouraging you to get up and move around and challenging you to do more steps. This smartwatch also has extra health functions like a heart rate monitor, 16GB external memory so you can play music without having to carry your phone. It has a sleep monitor too!

4.       Partner up

Exercising with a friend can make sure you get up and going even on days you don't want to. Have multiple partners if possible, so that on days one of you are sick, you can still get out!

5.       Take the Dog for a walk

Take your dog for a walk, go further, walk faster, play chase. Not only is it healthier for you, but pooch gets a workout too and what dog doesn't just love bonding time with their human! Worried about the rain or snow? Just make sure you have warm waterproof clothing and you will hardly notice.

6.       Do what you love

You don't do your exercise if it's work. Dance, garden, play, bike, hike... make exercise fun and enjoyable and you'll keep doing it. Just be consistent.  Remember every little counts as long as you do something often.

7.       Trampolining

Relive your youth and try a trampoline class.  You don’t have to be able to do somersaults or anything fancy, you will get instructions. Many trampoline parks also offer fun games on trampolines like dodgeball! 1 hour of trampolining can burn over 300 calories.

8.       Keep it small

Set small goals and review often. If you're just starting out with exercise, set a 1 week goal. Once you accomplish that, set a 2 week goal. Never set an exercise goal longer than 6 months. It will seem impossible and your brain will find every excuse to get out of the work. Plus, you can reward yourself more often with smaller goals, and that will keep you more motivated.

 9.       Let out all your stress

How about trying martial arts to release any stress or tension. A 1 hour Kick boxing class will burn 811 calories and you will feel great afterwards.  You can do a class or sign up to a martial arts school.  If you sign up to a school you will have various belts to aim for (from white belt to black belt) which will help keep you motivated.

10.   Dancing

Everyone loves to dance. Whether you prefer ballroom dancing or Bollywood dancing there is a class for everyone. Learn a new skill in a class, online or just turn the music up at home and dance like no one is watching!

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