5 Acute Signs of Depression: What to Do If You Are Suffering With It

Depression affects millions of people across the globe. Feelings of sadness, loneliness and feeling down are generally common amongst the sufferers of depression.

Depression should not be taken lightly as it can have its toll on you and it can affect your everyday life to a great extent. While there are many signs of depression, there are some that are common than the others. These are:

Difficulty In Concentrating

One of the major signs of depression is your inability to concentrate. Once we go into depression, we might find it very hard to remember the details, focus and our ability to make decisions. If you are unable to focus, have problems in figuring out things for yourself and have difficulty remembering things, chances are that you are under depression.

Feeling Fatigued

Feeling anxious is one thing but feeling fatigued and tired is another. If you are feeling fatigued all the time, chances are that you have depression. As a result of depression, you might start to feel a reduction in your energy levels and might not be able to work properly either. Depression affects your daily life and one way that it affects you is that you start to feel tired and are unable to work. Depression may also cause serious problems of feeling guilt, worthlessness or helplessness. It is not common for a person to feel these feelings but depression usually has its toll on you and as a result of feeling depressed, you might start feeling unworthy and helpless.

Overeating/Loss of Appetite

Depression severely affects our eating patterns too. A depressed person may experience two things. They may either start to eat too much or they may start to lose their appetite. If they start eating too much, they may start to gain weight while on the other hand, if there is a loss of appetite then a person may start to lose weight. In either case, both symptoms are serious and may cause weight gain or weight loss in the sufferer.

Suicidal Thoughts

A depressed person may want to end his or her life. Feelings of suicide are common in the sufferer. A depressed person may not want to live his or her life and with this feeling of helplessness, may want to end his life altogether. Therefore, contemplating suicide and suicidal attempts are two major signs of depression.

Difficulty Sleeping

Depression also affects our sleeping habits to a great extent. Therefore, a person who is struggling with depression may experience difficulty in sleeping, may deal with insomnia or might start to sleep too much. All of these are one and the same thing and some of the most serious signs of depression.

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