5 Health Issues to Be on the Lookout for in Spring

With the beginning of spring comes warmer weather, blooming flowers, increased daylight hours and more get-togethers. However, for some, the spring is the beginning of one or more health problems that can last from weeks to months. Being knowledgeable about and prepared for these top five springtime health concerns will give you the ammunition you need to prevent or avoid them.


Allergies can be huge in the summer particularly from trees and grass. While rain can help to eliminate pollen from the air briefly, it will not be enough to stop your allergies altogether. Be sure to leave your windows closed both at home and in the car and to choose air conditioning instead if you need to cool off. You may also need to check with your doctor about taking an antihistamine every day to prevent your allergies from starting this year.


You may think that the risk for depression is higher in the fall or winter when the days are getting shorter. However, according to Harvard researcher Dr. Sharp, people who already struggle with depression may feel worse in the spring when they struggle to work up the energy to get outdoors and enjoy the season. If you tend towards feeling down at this time of the year, talk to your doctor who may prescribe medication or recommend therapy to help.


If you have children who are involved in sports, you may see an uptick in the number of cases of lice in your local school this spring. This is because when children are outdoors playing sports, they are often sharing headgear, which can quickly transfer lice from one child to another. Warn your children not to share hats, clothes, brushes or helmets with other children, and call a company like Heartland Healthy Heads if you see signs of lice.

Insect Bites

With the warmer weather come increased insects in your world. Depending on where you live, you may begin seeing mosquitoes, flies, bees or wasps. Use a safe insect repellant and cover your arms, legs and feet with lightweight clothing and shoes. If you are allergic to bee stings, you may want to get an epinephrine pen from your doctor.

Sprains and Strains

Once you are outdoors starting your yard work for the season, you may feel motivated to do more than you should. All the lifting, pulling and climbing involved with yard work can do more than just tire out your muscles. It can actually cause sprains and strains in your arms, legs and back that can take weeks to heal. Be sure to ask for help when moving something large and approach each task with reasonable goals. If you do pull something, be sure to rest, ice any swelling, apply a compression bandage and see your doctor if the injury is moderate to severe.

All five of these possible springtime health concerns can be prevented largely with medications, over-the-counter products and careful living. While you certainly do not want to spend your days worrying about the possibilities of health problems, making a few changes in your daily living can lead to more hours of pleasure this spring. Once you are prepared, be sure to get outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather.

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