5 Major Benefits of Using the Nutrisystem Diet Plan

Nutrisystem: what is it?

Nutrisystem is an online program that attempts to help in weight loss by delivering you portion-controlled diets. The program has a price range of $9-$11 per day. The Nutrisystem program works based on calorie requirement; it basically draws out meal plans based on calculations drawn from your weight and height. Here are five distinct benefits of the Nutrisystem weight loss program.

The unique Benefits of the Nutrisystem program are:

  • Sustainable weight loss: The Nutrisystem is different. It isn’t one of those diet plans where you lose a pound today and gain two in its replacement.  Through carefully regulated nutritional content, the program helps you lose substantial weight and more still ensure that the weight remains lost.
  • User specific: Before signing up for the program, users get to provide valuable information like weight, height and peculiarities like diabetic status. This information helps the “online dietician” draw out the perfect meal plan that is most suitable for the consumer’s metabolic configuration.
  • Add to cart function: Unlike most e-commerce sites, Nutrisystem offers free shipping services for food orders (breakfast, lunch and dinner). It is, however, advisable to add some fresh fruit and vegetables to your shopping cart when placing the orders.
  • Portion controlled: This is truly a unique benefit of the program. The program controls users’ calorie-intake by regulating the portion per day. For example, the calorie amounts will be about 1200 per day for most women. It should, however, be noted that calorie content is dependent on the metabolism of the user (active men and women may have content up to 1500 calories).
  • Free Services: The Nutrisystem is a complete package.  It achieves its aim of keeping you healthy not only with meal plans but also with exercise programs which help you increase your body’s metabolism and most exciting thing is that IT’S FREE!!! As a matter of fact, you only get to pay for the food; all other services like meal planning and membership come with the registration. It’s all free; except for the food, though.

Concerns of the Nutrisystem

Now that’s enough for the benefits. This article is aimed at giving you the complete picture of the Nutrisystem and believe me it’s not all rosy. In the past, the quality of the food was a major concern for the users. However, the program has “beefed up” their menu with the help of celebrity chefs. It is important to note the commitment of the program not to use any Trans-Fat or High Fructose Corn Syrup in any of their meals. Sorry to disappoint you, but when it comes to weight loss and a diet planning, Nutrisystem has done a superb job. However, be  informed that the program is not meant for children under age 14, pregnant women and people with kidney problems.

If you’re anything like me; you don’t want to worry about counting points or calories or drafting out meal plans; then this program is definitely for you too. TheDietDynamo’s take on Nutrisystem is that the program offers the best and most cost-effective way to control your diet.

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