The benefits of exercising regularly are well known. As we grow older, it is important to make extra efforts to ensure that the body looks shapely and healthy. This is more so in case of middle aged women.

However, if you have never been outdoor type of a person it may be a bit of a dilemma and opt for exercises like stationary bikes, treadmill, fitness stations, etc.

For some even if they wish to start exercising regularly, the thought of going to the gym may be too intimidating.

To be frank, one need not go through all these to be healthy women as there are quite a few exercises that can be done very easily in the confines of your home or in the neighborhood free of cost.

5 Simple Exercises’ for Healthy Women

1. Swimming

Swimming is in fact one of the best workout one can have. It is perfect because it leads to an all round muscular development of the body. The best part about swimming is that even if you suffer from age related pains or body aches, it is gentle on all your joints.

It is also ideal for those suffering from Arthritis, as they are able to move their body joints freely while they are inside the pool due to the buoyancy of water.

Not only that, it has also been seen that swimming regularly tends to improve the mental health; and has a beneficial effect on your mood and outlook.

2. Gentle Weight-Training

While weight training in a gym is an intimidating thought to people who start exercising in the later stages of life, it is quite possible to build up muscular strength and tone up your  body in the comfort of your home using very light weight training.

Before starting any weight training, it is important to take advice from a trainer so that you do not end up having any pain or injuring your shoulder muscles.

It is also important to start with very basic light weights and increase gradually till the time you become comfortable using them.

It is best to use dumbbells and other equipment readily available at home. It is best to pick out an easy regimen which includes toning up of all-round muscles of the body and build upon it gradually.

3. Brisk Walking

Walking is a gentle, yet powerful exercise which would keep you completely fit as it tones up the muscles perfectly and gives you a shapely body.

Besides this, it also has many therapeutic effects on the body-

  • It does not require any equipment and you can do it almost anywhere
  • It encourages you to move out into the open and ensures that you have fresh air and be in touch with the nature.
  • Walking is one of the best ways to meet like-minded people as most walkers go as a group or in pairs.
  • Besides just the physical effects, walking also has a positive impact on mental health as it tends to improve memory and generally gives you a good demeanor.  
  • You don’t even need any equipment. All that you require is a pair of supportive and well fitting shoes as well as the clothing items.

4. Yoga and Aerobic Dancing

Yoga and aerobic dancing are also gentle yet perfectly balanced ways to increase your body’s energy levels. They have a positive effect on your overall health and help you in overcoming various ailments like hypertension, high levels of cholesterol, diabetes, etc.

You should take help of a qualified practitioner or a trainer so that you learn the right techniques and practice them regularly.

Yoga, meditation and aerobic exercises regularly are a gentle and fun way of getting back into shape and remaining healthy.

5. Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are a set of floor exercises’ that are very important from a woman's point of you as they strengthen pelvic muscles and joints.

It is done by squeezing the muscles gently in the initial stages and holding on to the contraction for some time before releasing it.

Kegel exercises can be made a part of aerobics and yoga or can also be done in separately after your body has been warmed up

As you would have noticed, all these exercises are simple and most easy to follow regularly. Whatever be your age or fitness level, they will help you to get in shape and keep your body well toned and muscular 

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