7 Techniques on How to Enhance your Memory

In an era where you are supposed to remember so much, having a healthy mind is paramount. You need to remember birthdays, anniversaries and other events. Most of them if you forget, then you are in a lot of troubles thus the need to have a sharper memory. The modern lifestyle that you lead now will have a significant effect on your cognitive power in the years to come. The brain is majorly affected by even the significant of things. That's why you are able to sense danger even in the least of abnormalities. Exposing your brain to toxins, poor diet, chemicals, lack of sleep are but some of the causes of slow brain functioning overtime.

With a healthy lifestyle, you will not only support brain health, but also encourage neurogenesis, a process where the brain grows new neurons. In addition, the memory center (also known as the hippocampus) is able to grow new cells, an essential process to ensure your brain stay intact even in your late 90's. All this will only be possible if you equip the brain with the necessary tools. In essence, these tools are basically simple techniques that will enhance your memory. They include:

1. Staying mentally active

Science will tell you that if you don't challenge your brain with new information now and then, within no time it starts to deteriorate. By providing your brain with the appropriate stimulus, you will be able to enhance your memory and at the same time counteract the degeneration. There are many activities that you can try that challenge the mind. Such activities include playing brain games, filling a crossword puzzle, learning to play a new music instrument and such. If you lead a very busy lifestyle and can't get time to sit down and do such activities (how sad), try an alternative route while driving to work, or a new recipe when cooking or volunteer every once in a while for a community event. Staying mentally active may be termed as the best memory enhancer technique.

2.Eat Healthy

For your brain to stay active, it needs to be supplied with sufficient energy. Also, a healthy diet will boost your brain power helping you improve your memory. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low-fat proteins such as fish are some of the foods that will not only keep your brain in check, but also your overall health. Also, ensure you take enough water and avoid alcohol as dehydration is known to cause confusion and memory loss.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Ever noticed how confusion reigns supreme those days you don't get enough sleep? Almost everything seems to be going the wrong direction. Those are the days you wonder if they will ever end. Recent lifestyle news indicates that a good night sleep greatly enhances memory and in that spirit greatly affects how you perform the next day. To think clearly and be able to perform intensive mind engaging tasks you need at least six hours of nothing but sleep. This is also the time the body takes to repair worn out tissues, giving you energy and a beautiful skin.

4. Exercise Regularly

As you exercise, the nerve cells multiply strengthening the interconnections between them. This protects the cells from damage and improves brain function. Exercise is also essential for overall body well being. About forty-five minutes per day of intensive exercise will do just fine.

5. Socialize

Most people who suffer from stress and depression are those who love keeping things in secret. Sometimes opening up to a friend on a certain issue that has been bothering you can be a way of solving it. They may not solve it, but may help you realize it's not as big as you may have thought. Take time out of your comfort zone and visit a friend or a relative. If you are invited for a meal or an event, take time and go. Never miss such opportunities as will keep your mind engaged, keeping at bay stress and other mental conditions.

6. Be Organized

You might be complaining that your memory is failing, but actually you are the one confusing the brain. If you keep things scattered all over, then it will be hard for you to trace them when need arises. Staying organized will help in keeping track of most things and having a smooth time always.

7. Avoid Multitasking

Focusing on doing one thing at a time is a nice way to ensure you do it correctly done and with minimum distractions. In a lecture, for example, you can't listen to music with your earphones and listen to the lecturer at the same time and expect to gain a lot. One of the activities will be disadvantaged.


The above techniques will enhance your memory. Above all, be happy.




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Daisy Grace works as a content coordinator for consumerhealthdigest.com. She specializes in women’s health and also explores topics related to general health and beauty. Daisy loves studying new searches and studies. She is at present studying about Relizen menopause supplement. She writes on all aspects of women’s health and beauty skin care. Get connected on FacebookGoogle + & Twitter

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