Every woman wants to look beautiful. Although she is beautifully made, she has the desire to look picture perfect every time she steps out of bed. A healthy golden glow to any skin really adds the right amount of celebrity sparkle, making the woman feel extra special. There are many great products that can help anyone achieve this glow. Preparation is key. Here are a few basic simple steps to prepare you for that fabulous you.

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Exfoliate For a Smooth Surface

Like any art work, a clean surface that is smooth and fresh is desired. Your skin is the greatest piece of canvas, which needs to be gently exfoliated to remove dead skin cells. Build-up of dead skin results in dry, flaky, uneven skin tone. Buff away using a gentle scrub or use an exfoliating gel. This will reveal smooth, soft, fresh, breathable skin that will be able to absorb the tanning lotion well. Good smooth application is key to a perfect tan

Wash To Remove Residues

Once the skin has been exfoliated thoroughly, it is important that you wash well with clean water. Make sure all soaps and exfoliating gels are removed leaving the skin clean. Avoid products that contain oil as they will remain on your skin making it difficult for the skin to absorb the tanning product. Also any residues left, can react with the tanning creams/sprays to cause unwanted problems. Using warm water to gently remove all traces of cleansing agents is advisable. This will remove any oil that might have been in your cleansing product.

Remove Any Obstacles

Removing your skin of all unwanted hairs is a good idea. You may opt to either wax or shave depending on your convenience. We would recommend waxing. It will not only remove the hairs from the root leaving you with smooth skin for weeks, it will also help in removing some dead skin. If you choose to wash your skin, it is best to do it a day or two ahead. This method of hair removal can cause minor burns or breaks in skin which can cause burning and irritation when other chemical products are applied.  Also experts say that tanning products won’t work on freshly waxed skin. So plan and make an appointment with your aestheticianin time.

Prepare the Skin

Once you have cleaned, you need to dry your skin thoroughly. Apply a light weight moisturizing lotion to the knees and elbows only. These are the areas where excess absorption of tanning products can take place resulting in very dark areas. Using the moisturizer produces a balanced skin for an even tan.


Preparing your hands with a well fitted pair of gloves will help in a through application. It will also prevent you from over tanning your fingers and hand. Once you have applied the small amount of lotion you may remove the gloves and apply some to your hands. Wait for a bit and reapply. Reapplication will result in a smooth finish. It will hide any streaks and missed spots, leaving you with a flawless tan.

Don’t Rush To Get Dressed

It is best to allow your tanning products to be well absorbed. Give it some time to dry before getting dressed. You will prevent staining your clothes and rubbing any off from your skin. Once it has been fully absorbed and feels dry to the touch, you may get dressed. Dress to impress and have a great day. 

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