Basic information to known about a liposuction

Basic information to known about a liposuction

Liposuction goes by many different names such as lipoplasty, lipo, lipectomy and liposculpture suction. Most of the times, a liposuction is used on the back, calves, back of arms, upper arms, chin, neck, buttocks, thighs and abdomen. During liposuction, fat has to be removed using a hollow instrument called a cannula which is inserted through small incisions within the skin.  A high pressure and powerful vacuum is put on the cannula to suck out the fat.  Liposuction is one of the commonest cosmetic procedures.

During liposuction, the operation is done under a general anesthetic. It is not a weight loss procedure but a cosmetic procedure. The right candidate for a liposuction is a person who has stable weight and only wants to remove undesirable deposits of fat in certain areas. It should not be used as an obesity treatment and it cannot remove stretch marks, dimples and cellulite. The aim is only aesthetic for someone who wants to enhance and change the body contours. Liposuction is able to remove fat cells permanently, however if the patient is not leading a healthy lifestyle after this procedure, the remaining fat cells may grow bigger.  

There is a limitation of fat cells that can be removed safely. This procedure is not 100 percent safe since there are risks of some complications like scarring, numbness and infection. If the doctor removes too much fat at once, there may be some dents and lumpiness left in the skin. Experts say that surgical risks are linked to the level of fat that has been removed.

Liposuction is recommended for someone who wishes to improve their looks. Many people can still achieve results through healthy sleep schedule, regular exercise and balanced diet. Liposuction should be considered after a lifestyle change and when some parts of the body have stubborn fat deposits that refuse to go away.

When someone gains more weight, every fat cell will have increased volume and size. Liposuction helps to reduce fat cells in a treated area. Patients have to know about the benefits and disadvantages of liposuction before they decide to go ahead with it.

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