Choosing the Best Crib Mattress for Baby - 5 Great Advice

The feeling of being a mother is the most unique one in a woman’s life. It starts with a roller coaster of emotions. She is nervous, yet excited. Along with the baby, there comes a set of serious responsibilities that a woman needs to garner to be a successful parent.

It all starts from the day one, right from choosing a crib mattress for your baby. The baby spends a major portion of time in the crib while sleeping. On an average, an infant sleeps for 18 hours in a day. Now that’s quite long. Therefore, choosing a crib mattress is vital for the baby’s normal and safe growth.

What will serve to be helpful is the following advice that will ensure the selection of the safest crib mattress.

1. Choosing the right type

Based on their firmness and thickness, crib mattresses are of two types: foam mattress and innerspring mattress.

For the baby’s sensitive and glaring skin, foam mattress will suit the best. It is light weighted and available in a variety of thicknesses. The mattress is water resistant which makes it preferable over the other type.

2. Size and quality of a crib mattress

Before you opt for a crib mattress, make a precise note down of the lengths of the crib. A shorter crib mattress would allow gaps in the middle and around the edges of the crib. This will be highly uncomfortable for the baby and may lead to an injury. While a longer crib mattress would not fit the crib and would result into folds.

The best crib mattress would be the one having a greater firmness and lighter weight at the same time. Softer crib mattress would conform to the baby’s shape which could lead to suffocation.

3. The denser, the better

The foam mattress should be dense to pass the “squeeze test”. Squeeze test: Hold the mattress from both the hands on each side. Try to squeeze it. A good, dense mattress won’t get squeezed easily.

Specifications about the mattress are written on the packaging. A mattress having 130-140 coils and a gauge of 15 or lower is the right choice for your baby. The number of coils equates to the firmness and lower the gauge; thicker is the wire.

Heavier foam mattresses are better than the lighter ones. They are durable and well fabricated. They are not recommended for babies and infants. A typical foam mattress should weigh around 7-8 pounds.

4. Wash-proof mattress cover

A wiser choice would be to go for a wash proof mattress cover which is reinforced with double or triple nylon covering. Every day the mattress will have pee and poop on it. Invest a little more now. Otherwise, you will regret it.

Go for a machine washable and wash proof mattress. It offers a great resistance to the liquid content along with the soggy diapers.

5. Cost and certifications

Don’t worry even if you are on a tight budget. Crib mattresses are not very expensive. Good quality and safe crib mattress are available even at a reasonable price. Be aware of the used crib mattresses. Visit a trusted store; after all, it is about your baby.

Also, make sure, whichever crib mattress you buy, it should have a certification seal on it. The certification mark ensures the safety standards defined by the local regulatory body.

So, take your step smartly towards parenting and rest assured. This will certainly add to your parenting techniques thereby making you a happy and successful mother. Kudos to your family goals. Happy parenting!

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