Does High Fiber Diet Prevents Asthma?

Yes, specifically, a diet full of vegetables and fruits can help minimize the level of asthma and allergies in the human body. Asthma is caused by cold, infection, dust, and stuffy areas among other factors. A person suffering from asthma is proved to have an easy time as long as he/she is feeding well in a high fiber diet. Asthma patients need a lot of care since the condition is not that easy to deal with. In case you are dealing with such a patient, ensure that they are kept warm and fed properly. At any time, you may find the asthma patient having sudden shortness of breath, which can be an alarming case if you have never met the asthmatic patient. In addition to the high fiber diets, always keep an inhaler nearby in case of shortness of breath.

All about asthma and high fiber diet states that asthma is as a result of allergies caused by pollution, dust, strong smell, cold among others which highly trigger asthmatic inflammations. A high fiber diet has the ability to improve the body immunity hence enabling you to resist diseases such as asthma and many more.

High fiber diet that is inclusive of fruits and vegetables has the ability to protect against asthma and reduce inflammation in your lungs. Asthma patients have difficulties in breathing due to the blocked respiratory system tubes. This does not give the patient any peace without the presence of an inhaler. Make sure that your every meal has high fiber included to help reduce those risky moments whereby only an inhaler can save you.

In case you are a parent, brother, sister or guardians to asthma patient, ensure that they eat homemade meals and avoid processed and fast foods full of junk. Cold drinks and strongly scented sprays should also be far from the patient. This will be a good strategy to keep the patient off the risky point of using inhalers. The homemade food should be served warm and ensure that it is a balanced diet with more of high fiber recipes such as vegetables and fruits. Take water in plenty to facilitate digestion and enhance faster reduction of asthmatic episodes.

High fiber diet comprises two types, i.e. the soluble and insoluble diet whereby the low fiber diet is said to increase inflammation in relation to a study conducted by researchers at the University of California. Some sources of insoluble fiber are the whole grains, broccoli and cucumber. They help to make the bowel movement comfortable while preventing constipation. Ensure that you include them in your daily meal to help reduce and get rid of asthma completely from your system. Most of the insoluble fiber diets are easily available and affordable, and as for the cucumber, you can take it raw or cooked since it can perform its function in either way.

Some sources of soluble fiber include apple, oatmeal and lentils which helps in slowing down digestion making you feel full and avoid overeating. Overeating causes obesity in which the excess fats accumulate around the heart and lungs. This is not basically the cause of asthma but a cause of difficulties in breathing. Soluble and insoluble fiber has the ability to burn excess fat in the body, making it easier to breath. In this case, the asthmatic patient will have easier time when dealing with their condition.

Avoid high scented sprays, perfumes, soaps and oils since they can lead to blockage of the respiratory system and make it difficult to breathe. Such sprays also can cause suffocation in patients suffering from asthma and make the condition severe. In this case, healthy lifestyle of an asthmatic patient matters most. Foods that are rich in fiber are ideal since the patients who take them can condone the highly scented perfumes and have no effect because their immunity is high.

Lack of immunity to allergens and resistance to the asthma development is usually triggered by consumption of foods low in fiber. A diet that is rich in fiber has the ability to change bacteria composition in the intestinal tract and boost immunity. Vegetables and fruits are some recipes with the ability to replace these bacteria in the gut and enhance proper breathing in asthmatic patients.

Asthma is one of the major illnesses and if not well treated can lead to death. Most patients live for long while ailing from the condition if properly managed. This is because they know the secret of the inhaler and keeping warm. Consumption of foods rich in fiber is another way of boosting the immune system in relation to asthma. Such diets are cheap and easily available. Hence no patient can complain of the cost or lacking. Most people do not know the importance of a high fiber diet until they get sick and the doctor recommends it to them. Basically, it’s known for controlling digestion, reducing constipation and aiding in weight loss. However, foods rich in fiber can significantly help in controlling asthma.


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