Growth hormone deficiency and how to treat it – Is there a cure?

If you didn’t know what growth hormone deficiency is, you should be aware of that it is the dysfunction of the pituitary gland which is located at the base of the brain and which produces growth hormone. This hormone plays a vital role in helping a child grow. Growth hormone deficiency can be a symptom during birth and it can also be a result of some medical condition. Severe brain injury can also cause deficiency of growth hormone.

The most popular and common treatment for growth hormone deficiency in both adults and children is growth hormone therapy where injections are administered into your body. The growth hormone is called Somatotropin and it can be injected in a patient. This hormone stimulated growth and reproduction of cells in our body.

What are the symptoms of hormone deficiency?

You can first notice slow growth during infancy and this usually continues throughout their childhood. Whenever you visit a pediatrician, he will draw a child’s growth curve on a growth chart and children who have a flat or slow rate of growth will get a flat curve. This kind of slow growth might not be understood till she reaches 2-3 years of age. The child may be shorter in height than other children of the same age and he/she might even be chubbier than normal. In older kids, puberty can come late or even might not come at all.

What does the HGH treatment include?

Treatment includes growth hormone injections which can be administered at home and based on the patient who is suffering from it, the injections can be given once in a day. Older children can sometimes even be able to give themselves injections on their own. This is a long-term treatment which usually lasts for several years. The child needs to visit the pediatrician regularly in order to report changes and improvements. If required, the provider may also change the dosage of the medicines in order to see early improvement. You may use this as a reputable source to know more on HGH treatment.

Is it safe to opt for growth hormone therapy?

Though it is said that growth hormone injections are effective and safe, there are some side effects as well. Thankfully, there are no such serious side effects. Few side effects may include numbness, swelling, muscle pains, joint aches and some others. In case you get more growth hormone than what your body needs, you will be more prone to experiencing these side effects. Once the physicians adjust the dose, you can do away with such symptoms.

One thing you should remember is that you shouldn’t opt for HGH treatment if you have either cancer or tumors of any sort. Discuss all your pre-medical health conditions with your doctor before proceeding.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about how you can treat your kid or some family member from growth hormone issues, you may take into account the above mentioned advices and suggestions.

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