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15 Tips To Be Prettyhow to be pretty

1. Know your age: The age of your skin is independent of the calendar. Many women over 30 make mistakes by assuming their skin is drier just because they've passed over some magic threshold.

Your skin's thickness during the years when it was at its peak combined with genetic predisposition and variables like diet and climate, assign your skin an "age" that may have little to do with your own, but everything to do with proper and regular skin care.

2. Sunscreen: The accumulated wear of sun exposure, from the teens and 20s on into the 30s, is a major cause of wrinkling. Makeup, especially the more opaque type, is super protection against the sun: the various powders diffuse and reflect the sunlight.

3. Exfoliation: Skin normally exfoliates, continuously producing fresh new layers at the surface. With aging, the process slows and the scruff skin stays behind longer, shows the effects of wear more. A mildly abrasive cleansing sponge steps up the rate of turnover at the surface.

4. Acne after 30: Going off, or even on, the Pill can mean a prolonged period of adjustment during which skin develops blackheads and acne-like bumps. Whatever you do, don't resort to rough scrubbing, which can irritate and prolong the condition, even cause permanent damage; oily or not, your skin's more fragile in your 30s than it was in your teens. Treatment must strike a delicate balance between drying up acne and drying out your skin.

5. Erasing liver spots: Liver spots - those brown patches many women acquire with age on the backs of their hands - have nothing to do with the liver. The term is applied to a wide variety of brown spots, most of which are harmless and directly related to sun exposure (any new pigmented spots should be checked by your doctor). Removal's a simple surgery procedure.

6. Body toner: The best way to hang on to looking 30 is the discipline of exercise. What you need is special action to control the "spread" or fatty deposits that accumulate on hips and buttocks. Lie on your side with legs extended, elbow bent, other hand resting in front of the body for support. Lift and then lower upper leg slowly 10 times, keeping toe pointed. Repeat, lying on the other side.

7. Humidifiers: When it's humid, perspiration stays on your skin, doesn't evaporate. When the air is dry, your skin gives off moisture. Lubricants and makeup work to retain skin's moisture; you can also change the climate you're living and working in by humidifying. Fill large, shallow pans with water and station one in every room of your house and office if possible.

8. Silicone injections: The injection of minute droplets of silicone in areas where collagen has been lost, such as scars or nose-to-mouth lines caused by muscle pull, can provoke the body to build up collagen again in those areas.

9. Diet: The fatty acids in food you eat, (milk's chock full of them) keep skin looking smooth and glossy. The proverbial eight glasses of water a day are important, too in getting rid of impurities.

10. Circulation: Circulation is the beauty flow. It releases oxygen, carries nutrients to the skin and carries away toxins. Standing on your head once a day to reverse the flow and stimulate local circulation, especially for those who have dark circles under their eyes - the blood is stagnant there. If you can't stand on your head, lie on a slant board at a 45 degree angle with your feet at the top, or flat on the floor with your feet up on a chair.

11. Moisturizing: Some wrinkles, called "pseudo-wrinkles," caused by being in a dry environment, are temporary and reversible with the use of a moisturizer, humidifier or even mild irritation like a sunburn, which causes inflammation underneath your skin, puffing out wrinkles for the next 24 - 48 hours. A moisturizer works in much the same way, plumping out the skin temporarily.

12. Coping with stress: Stress is an inevitable part of life, for anyone at any age, but especially after 30. It is when stress gets out of hand that it becomes a problem. And so the important thing is to learn how to cope with stress before it reaches dangerous levels and threatens to overwhelm you.

The people who get along best in life are those who can respond to any stressful situation with not just one or two, but a number of different coping behaviours. They can react with anger, sorrow, laughter, or logic. They sense what any given situation calls for.

13. Facial exercises: If facial muscle tone is poor, sagging skin is the result. A daily program of exercise can maintain your skin's good fit. Lie on a bed with shoulders touching the edge; head hanging over the edge. Slowly raise your head, so that it is level with your body. Slowly lower your head back down. Start with two or three repeats. Work up to 10.

14. Stay slim: Obvious reasons like cholesterol, blood pressure, and dress size aside, it's important to keep off extra weight for the sake of your face. Excess weight can thicken features and change your expression, permanently stretching skin that's less elastic than it was in your teens and 20s.

15. Saving face: The time and money you put into facial massage is probably better spent on care that pays bigger dividends. A dermatologist claims massage is, at best, useless, unless it's done gently. More than gently, it can irritate blackheads and acne.

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