What are the things to do with a newborn? Babies stimulate themselves by playing with their hands and feet. However, nothing can replace the human contact and the attention that a child receives when he plays with his parents, his brothers and sisters... At this age, playing corresponds more to moments of pleasure, closeness and confidence, A simple lullaby sung to your baby in your arms is already an important sensory event for him. In your arms, baby scrutinizes your eyes and your mouth carefully. Do not forget that his favorite distraction is your face! Then smile at him and soon he will answer you! He likes to fix moving objects and follow them with his eyes. He is also fascinated by the contrasts of forms, colors... Newborns stay awake only for short periods, and it is when they are calm and attentive that they will be most receptive. There are thousands of small awakening games for your child from 0 to 3 months old. They aim to accompany your child in his sensorimotor development, to initiate him to become conscious of his body, to accustom him to social contact and to feel loving, to establish bonds. Be careful not to stimulate your baby too much. He will make you understand by gestures or cries of joy, that the activity pleases him and that he wishes to continue playing or if he no longer pays attention to the presented object, he is tired or he gets tired of your nursery rhymes, then leave him a moment of respite. If he plays with his hands, let him enjoy his moment of calm: he learns to play alone and increases his ability to concentrate.

Hugs, caresses, massages: Hold your baby in your arms, rock him gently, stroke his arm, kiss him on the cheeks... These gestures are essential to the development of our children! In addition to establishing emotional ties between the baby and yourself, reassuring them in their needs for closeness, security and love, this will help them to become aware of their body and will allow, depending on the situation to calm it down. Listening to music: Newborns especially appreciate the music they heard when they were still in their mother's womb. It reassures and calms them. Do not hesitate to make him discover all the musical styles (but rather avoid hard rock at maximum power). He will appreciate even more if you start to dance a little with him!

The musical sock: You can sew a small bell at the end of one of its socks (be careful that the bell cannot be detached), and put it on. Baby will be delighted to move his legs and hear the sound of the bell. Feel free to change foot, the color of the socks, do the same with your hands...

Read stories: Your child will not understand the stories you read to him, but tucked into your arms, he will love listening to your voice and react to your intonations. When bathing, pour water on the different parts of his body: He learns the limits of his body. Blow gently on each part of her body: Naming them, caressing them, kissing them

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