Most women who have eyelashes that are light colored or blond are persuaded to dye their lashes. This is because this makes one more noticeable and well defined. Most people are not aware that even after they dye their hair, they will still need to apply mascara. Some people are consumed with the idea of having dark eye lashes and they have a strong urge that they have to dye their eye lashes. This however is not recommended

Eyelash dyes are not recommended

There are many reasons why people are advised to avoid dying their eyelashes. It is advisable to avoid any eye lash dyes including the ones that are advertised in the spas and salons and recommended for being safe.

The biggest risk that is taken by using eye lash dyes is that it can cause blindness. It does not matter how noticeable or dark the eye lashes are if one is not able to see them. The question is it is a risk worth taking?

The dyes that re used on the eye lashes may cause eye infection, inflammation or swelling of the eyes. This may force one to be seen by an ophthalmologist and may require taking antibiotics that will help to clear the infection.

The drug and food administration in United States (FDA) discourages the use of hair dyes for eye brows and eyelashes whether dyeing or eyelash tinting. This is prohibited in establishments, salons and spas. Despite the information that is usually given in the salons, there are no coloring agents or color additives that have been approved by FDA. This includes both natural and synthetic for tinting or dyeing the eyelashes by consumers while at home or by the professionals.

It is also important to note that there are no organic or natural eyelashes. The dye is able to change the color of the eyelashes and this means that the same dyes that are being used to permanently change the hair are the same that are used on the eyelashes. The synthetic dyes that are also not approved by FDA are the only ones that can change the red or blond hair to black or dark brown.

The law of US requires all products that are used for dyeing the hair to:

Have instructions that advise the consumers to carry out a patch test before using the product. This helps one to know whether they have an allergic reaction so that they know whether to use the product or to stop.

The products should also warn consumers on the dangers that may arise when these products are used on the eyelashes and eyebrows.

Most people do not take the time to carry out these tests to know whether a product is working for them or not.

It is possible to dye eyelashes when one is careful

It is possible to dye eye lashes when one is careful but this is discouraged. Most beauty salons and spa offer tinting and dyeing of the eyelashes as one of their services. The staffs that work on these places are very fast in explaining the precautions that are taken while tinting / dyeing. This is a very risky procedure and even if all precautions are taken, mistakes are also likely to happen. It is encouraged to avoid the risk of losing your vision and causing eye disease because of undertaking this procedure. It is advisable to use mascara which will work as well.

The safest way that can be used to have longer and darker lashes

The safest way to having longer and darker eyelashes is by using mascara. It is advisable that mascara should be applied everyday and removed in the evening before going to bed. It is very important to avoid sleeping with mascara because it may get into the eyes. This can cause swelling and mild irritation or an infection in the eyes.

It is important to note that dyeing the eyelashes is not a onetime thing. This is the same thing like dyeing the hair and it has to be repeated after every two to six weeks. Dyeing of eyelashes is usually done to improve the appearance of an individual but this can be achieved through using make up for the eyes. It is essential to note that dyeing the eyelashes will only make them look darker but will not make them thicker, more curled or longer.

It is also encouraged to avoid using eyelash perms that are being advertised because they cause the same risks on the individual.

It is advisable to use eyelash products that will make eyelashes longer and thicker instead of dyeing them. However, eyelash enhancements will also cause side effects and it is important to research on them before using them.

Most people who have blond eye lashes are tempted to dye them. This is because they believe that it makes them more defined and noticeable. However, this can be achieved through the use of eye makeup especially mascara. There are many risks that are involved in dyeing of eyelashes and this includes causing blindness, inflammation, swelling and eye infection. 

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