Pain Reduction with Trigger Point Acupuncture

The therapy of trigger points is a common condition producing muscle pain occurring almost anywhere in the body. People may even refer to such a kind of pain as ‘knots’ or ‘spasms’. There is another term known as ‘myofascial pain’ in the medical field. This has an implication that there may be the existence of pain in the muscle tissue and/or in the connective tissue flanking the muscles.

There can be an easier achievement of trigger point pain relief with the release of the ‘knots’ with acupuncture needles that cause relaxation or chilling out of the muscle fibers that sometimes presents as involuntary twitches in the muscle tissue known as vesiculation.

If left untreated for long enough, the trigger point pain can become chronic and this pain can advance to a reduction of the motion range of a joint or limb. Commonly, this stage is referred to as “frozen”. Even at this stage, quite effectively acupuncture enhances the motion range of a joint or a limb.

Another way of relieving pain originating from trigger points is with the use of “Balance Method”. This method is on the basis of the ancient system of numerology known as the Ba Gua. Locally, trigger point is not released by this method, but, rather it makes use of complimentary meridians that are distal or far away quite often from the site of the pain. This highly effective method diminishes pain and enhances the motion range. This is recommendable if the acupuncture specialist is not ready to insert needles into the muscle tissue due to the fact that it is too painful.

Therapy of trigger point acupuncture is quick and, effective more often for the treatment of pain syndromes beyond manual therapy or massage therapy. The effects of healing are long lasting and quite often the acupuncture specialist can go into deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue.

Mentioning it is worthwhile that quite easily and swiftly the sciatic pain is treated by the release of trigger points in the piriformis muscle flanking the sciatic nerve. Many people could escape the endurance of chronic sciatic pain if they are on the look for an acupuncture specialist at the onset of pain who is comprehensible to the release of trigger points in the piriformis muscle.

Effective for Low Back Pain

Acupuncture makes you placed into the response of relaxation, just like what you attain by meditation. Pain and inflammation are diminished in the body along with reduction of the biochemical responses of the body to stress as well as lowering of the blood pressure. This is done by the enhancement of the secretion of your body’s natural opiates, endorphins, you feel good hormones and by the increase of secretion of natural cortisone-like anti-inflammatory drugs in the adrenal glands.

Apart from being relaxing profoundly, as above, when these sensitive nodules are relieved the muscle responds with the help of actual lengthening and releasing. The effect is quite decompressing on joints, tendons, and tendon casings. 

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