Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular every year.  As far as dental procedures go, dental implants in Toronto are one of the ways that people looking for a more beautiful smile get what they want.  Dental implants require careful research and planning to ensure you get what you want and not a bunch of complications that can cost you a fortune and keep you returning to the dentists chair.

The Basics of Dental Implants

Dental implants consist of a framework made of metal or titanium that is placed underneath a patients gums into the jawbone in order to provide a base for the implants to be attached to later.  This process requires careful inspection and measurement of your mouth before custom sized slabs are surgically placed under the gums. As the titanium plates are attached to your jawbone, the implants can then be attached.  The actual implants are also custom made so that they mimic your regular teeth in size, placement and colour.  This is so the new teeth match your existing ones and the surgery will not be obvious.  If you are going all out and getting a whole mouth full of shiny new implants then you can consult with your dentist about what is possible in terms of sizes and styles.  Dental implants are great for people who need new teeth, either for medical reasons or purely cosmetic ones.  The implanted teeth are just as strong as real teeth and once attached to the jawbone, they are almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

Implant Eligibility

It is important to check with your Toronto dentist to see if your mouth is ready for dental implants.  Patients are more likely to be cleared for dental implants if their oral health is good and they are not at risk of infection.  Your jawbone must also be sturdy enough to support the implant plates.


Are Implants Safe For Me?

Currently there are two types of implants that are approved for use around the world.  Implants are generally safe as long as proper oral cleanliness is practiced – especially right after the implants have been installed.


Endosteel Implants

These implants are similar to dentures in that the teeth are attached onto plates that slide into a patients mouth like a denture.

Subperiosteel Implants

The artificial teeth are placed into a patients mouth via surgery.  The base on which the implants will be attached is connected to a patients jawbone during surgery.  Once the gums have healed, posts which will accept the actual teeth are installed.  Then come the teeth implants which are screwed onto the attached posts. 

How Much Will Dental Implants Set Me Back?

Dental implants are not cheap.  The materials are all high end – titanium bracers, porcelain or hi-tec material teeth.  Some insurance companies will cover dental implants as long as they aren’t purely for cosmetic reasons.  Expect to pay quite a bit of money.  So much so that many North Americans have chosen to travel overseas to have the procedure performed.  IT is best to check out online prices and phone a lot of dentists in order to get an idea of a realistic price.


Dental implants can help people whose teeth are severely damaged and cannot be repaired.  They are also used for cosmetic purposes to give patients a beautiful smile that wouldn’t be possible with their regular teeth.

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