Tips for Creating Fun and Healthy Easter Baskets

Tired of giving your kids sugar-filled candy baskets for Easter? There are many other options out there, which your kids will love instead of the peeps, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies. Take a look at this list and get some good healthy ideas before you go Easter basket shopping.

Organic and dried fruit

If you haven’t given your child organic fruit before you might be surprised at the results. Many fruits like dried apricots, cranberries, and bananas are very sweet with natural sugar, no artificial flavors or color. You can find them at any grocery store with an organic section and often times you can buy in small individual bags or in bulk if you want to dress them up in decorative bags.

Glee Gum

Chewing gum is a very popular item to throw in an Easter Basket, but it is one of the worst things for your children’s teeth if it isn’t sugarless. Glee gum is an all natural chewing gum and the number one healthy alternative. It comes in many great flavors like triple-berry, cinnamon and the classic favorite, bubblegum. It contains no added preservatives, artificial colors or sweeteners.

Sunflower seeds for the garden

This is a great gift for kids because not only is it a basket filler, but it is an activity you can enjoy doing with your kids in early spring. Have fun planting these seeds in the garden and watching them grow. It is a great lesson for kids to know the importance of growing organically and having the responsibility of watering their sunflowers. They can take great pride in their plants once they are full grown.

Natural soaps and lotion

These are offered for sale in many convenient stores. Think Burt’s Bees brand. You can find a variety of natural grooming products like soap, hand cream, lip balm and sunscreen. These products are all natural and smell delicious. They are also perfectly packaged for the holiday with yellow and buzzing bees.

Art supplies

Kids love art supplies and you love when you know they are safe for them. Try beeswax crayons. These crayons are perfect for kids at any age because they are safe for them and your household. You can find them at just about any store where art supplies are sold, and why stop there, you can get natural markers, pencils and paper products for the Easter basket too.

With this list of goodies you are sure to have an Easter basket that is a winner with the kids and for you. If you can’t stray away from the typical chocolates and jelly beans you can find those too in a healthier more natural alternative. Just remember the healthier choices you make today will benefit your kids and their own choices tomorrow.


This article was written by Sammy Jo who works with Bassett Creek Dental, a Minneapolis dental clinic.

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