Wedding Day Nerves And How To Beat Them!

It is natural to experience wedding day nerves on the day on your big day. It does not matter if you are the bride or the groom, wedding day jitters come with the territory. The Wedding Invitations you made to your friends could be an issue but you can minimize your wedding day nerves by taking a few common-sense steps the day before and the day of the blessed event. Each of these steps works to a certain extent, but when it comes right down to it, nothing works better than being aware of how you are feeling and controlling it. A little mind over matter will do wonders for your state of mind.

Avoid taking coffee on the morning of the event. If you addicted to coffee, try to keep it to a minimum on your big day. One or two cups should get you over the hump. Caffeine works by forcing the body to produce adrenalin, which will make you a nervous Nellie. Just two cups of coffee, or roughly 180 mg, will triple the amount of adrenalin that is racing through your wedding day bloodstream. This forces sugar into your muscles at an accelerated rate and helps deplete the regular supply of sugar you will need to get through the day. Coffee has a half-life of four hours in a healthy adult, which means that after four hours, your adrenalin level is still at least one and a half times what it should be. If you must drink coffee, drink just a little.

Don't drink more than a small to moderate amount of alcohol in the morning or the night before your wedding. Alcohol affects memory so try not to stress trying to figure out if you have forgotten anything, especially something minor like the spring wedding favors or the caterer's check. You can handle problems just as well when they arise without worrying about something that has not happened yet.

Most people forget to do the one thing in an intense situation that will help them stay calm and keep a clear head, breathe. If you find yourself getting overly nervous, and let's face it, you are bound to be a little nervous, remember to take deep breaths and focus, if only for a few seconds, on being calm. In through the nose and out through the mouth like a runner. Several deep breaths, soul cleansing breaths, and a little voice telling you to take it easy will work wonders. The more of these cleansing breath exercises you do, the better it works.

Eat breakfast, especially if you must have coffee or you decided to let it all hang out the night before. Your body functions better if it has the energy to draw upon and nutrients supplying your brain with what you will need to get through the day. If you are a nervous wreck, but a quick peek at your spouse to reveal they are calm, cool, and totally collected, guess what. They took it easy the night before, had a bite to eat this morning, and kept the coffee to a minimum while you did not.

Own the fact that you are going to have some butterflies. It is natural to feel a little uptight when you are about to get married. Focus on those small garden wedding favors or something else that will take your mind off the big moment, and you will be okay.

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