In today's society women’s are always on the go, especially women and mothers. We are busy taking care of kids, significant others, elderly parents as well as our professional lives which can include education, business, and careers.

Having a mentor or personal life coach is becoming more and more popular in the 21st-century as people, professionals and executives look to get that extra edge in both their life and their career.

Women experience many changes in life such as marriage, becoming a mother, a new job, divorce, a move and sometimes death of a spouse. Getting through these transitions is a key to a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. Women shuffle the issues to the back of their mind. They ignore them and consider them as something to be dealt with at a later and more appropriate time. This can result in the delay of their wish or dream fulfillment - not just temporarily but forever. They may be seeking help in their marriage relationship. Or maybe they need guidance on how to pursue their purpose. Some women want to work on their weight, so they seek out a fitness coach.

For this reason, they begin seeking the guidance of a life coach at They believe a coach will give them the ultimate solution they are looking for. A life coach is a person who uses a series of questions to help you to find a solution to your problem, help you to grow and change, and ultimately pursue your goals. A good coach will be able to help you find your lost confidence by helping you get deep within yourself and finding your strengths and helping you achieve all your goals.

Finally, it's not always about working hard. Sometimes it is far better to develop some smart thinking and smart working strategies than it is to dedicate yourself to long hard hours in both your personal and professional life. When one is in doubt of one's own ability, his self-doubt becomes an obstacle, a hindrance between him and his goal. Most of the time we know what we want deep down inside, but the doubts confuse us and lead us astray from the path that we ought to take.

Personal coaches are professional who makes you realize your correct character and what you are from within and helps you to correctly identify your aspiration and set your goals in terms of personal, professional and emotional targets. The best life coaches are those that can help you in achieving your goals without the wastage of time and money.

Many women seek out and hire life coaches because they feel stuck in certain areas of their lives. Some want to improve their communication skills. Others want to lose weight and others seek out a coach because they are struggling in their relationships, both personal and business ones .it is important to find the time to schedule our break time or "me time", where we can step away to relax, recharge, and rejuvenate.

There are a lot of successful people that have acquired the assistance of a life coach, but most people are rather reluctant to hire one.

Relationship coaching for women’s can also include coaching for relationships with family members, friends, co-workers, and even your enemies or difficult people with whom you interact on a daily basis. It is not an act of selfishness for women to consider their own interests and not just the needs of the family - children and partners. So there are several ways in which we can find a balance between our life and work and by putting this practice to work us put ourselves in a better position to succeed as well as enhance our personal and professional lives.

You may have to interview a few coaches but I'm sure if you put in the hard work you will find that perfect confidence coach and you will be on your way to a much happier you. Don’t waste time complaining about how horrible your relationship is. Do your parts to make the marriage it work?

Find a marriage guidance counselor, life coach, psychologist to help deal with the immediate pain and the loss of self-esteem.

Work on putting together your future, getting out, making new friends, creating new hobbies and interests becomes important - focusing on the positive key is the Sensibly Selfish way forward.

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